Multiple sequences in one session

Feature request: allow multiple sequences that can be switched between in one session.

So a blank canvas on the the audio and midi timeline for each new sequence opened in a session, sharing the same VST instruments and connections.

This would be so helpful when creating multiple, potentially overlapping cues for film/TV/games, and for a more easily swappable versioning method.

Sorry to reference a competing product but the capability in Digital Performer is called “Chunks”.

Asking out of ignorance, because I haven’t fooled around with them yet, but how do saved clippings in Nuendo not perform as chunks do?


Good point Chewy. Clip Packages are great if you want to paste a layered-up set of sounds between projects or between different sections of a project.

However, what I would love is the cabability to have multiple “sequencer” panes using common connections and VST instruments and audio pool. Whichever “sequencer” pane is on top is the active one. In this way I could work on multiple versions of a section of a film/show/game without having to close and open projects, as that can take a very long time. I could also work on different sections in different “sequencer” panes, as sometimes it is useful to split into chunks rather than just have one mega-view of everything end-to-end.

If there’s a capability that I’ve not understood that does this in Nuendo, forgive me - I would love to learn about it.



Thanks Lydiot. I think I’m right in thinking that this doesn’t share the same active connections and VST instruments, but does streamline switching. Is that correct?

What I’m after is simpler really, i think(?). The one project stays active and I can switch between different “sequencer” panes that all use the same stuff. This will be most useful for MIDI-heavy and VSTi-heavy projects, and less so for audio file only projects - for that your approach, Lydiot, is probably much better.

I hope I’ve not misunderstood. Thanks again.

I see what you mean, gph.

I stopped working regularly with Performer about two years ago, and I’m dismayed at how quickly the terminology as vanished from what’s left of my mind.

Our Clip Packages are more like their Clippings (if I remember THAT right).

I agree with you. Chunks are a great Performer feature. I’m thinking maybe its greatest asset. Though I did get stung once or twice when one messed up chunk made it so a reel’s worth of cues wouldn’t open. I hear it’s better now.

A lot more convenient than working with multiple projects at once-- consolidated media locations, no distracting idle windows, etc.

I’d love to have that sort of functionality or something similar in Nuendo.