Multiple sound problems after 9.5 and new computer upgrade

I haven’t recorded in years. Decided to get back into it. I upgraded my computer and upgraded Cubase from 4 to 9.5. It “works”… kind of. But I’m having several sound/crash issues.

Dell 3847. Win 7 with all the latest updates and drivers. 12 GB of RAM. Fast Track Ultra 8R interface. All the physical connections are unchanged from my old setup, so they should be fine. Everything worked on my old XP computer, and I’m using the same basic setup now.

I can record a couple of guitar tracks through my Line 6 Pod XT. I can record a drum track through my Korg PadKONTROL and Superior Drummer 2. I can record a synth track through my Midi keyboard and Halion or whatever. So the connections seem good. But somewhere during that process, I stop hearing any audio output through headphones and speakers. I restart Cubase (and touch nothing else) and the sound comes back. If I DON’T restart Cubase, it’ll usually lock up the computer completely.

AND… I can’t get vocals to record at all. Channel 1 shows as inactive in Cubase (even though I get levels on the Fast Track monitor software), but even using the active channel 2, it shows audio input on the Fast Track monitor, but nothing on the Cubase input monitor – and no sound on recording. I know how to use the Fast Track. I use channels 5/6 for guitar input. I have outputs 1/2 going to my monitor and 3/4 going to my headphone amp, and I can record guitars and monitor the sound via speakers or headphones. That works fine. But when I try to record vocals on either input (inactive 1 or active 2) or either output (1/2 or 3/4), I get no recording in Cubase.

I’m at my wit’s end on both issues: randomly losing audio output to monitors/headphones and not being able to record vocals.

What else do you need to know to help? I spent $400 upgrading Cubase and buying a copy of Win 7, and I can’t record a single song. Very frustrating!

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

did you connect the fast track ultra to an usb 3.0 port? if yes, try an usb 2.0 port…
or look at the audio conncetions. you are working with “old” cubase projects, perhaps the names of the connections are changed.

EDIT: the drivers are not that old of your soundcard, so they must work under win7.

perhaps not that helpfull advice… i am in the dark… try recording with audicity for example, or another program that uses the asio drivers, try to eliminate the possible problems.