Multiple sounds on one instrument.

I am trying to have a synth player changing sounds mid-performance. I want him to have a piano sound, bass guitar sound, and a strings sound. Is there a way to have all these sounds be changed mid-playback in Dorico without having to give the player multiple instruments and having him switch instruments which adds another staff and text that I don’t want?


You could use independent voice playback if you make sure each section with a different sound is in a different voice. For example, you could have the piano in Up-stem voice 1, bass guitar in Down-stem voice 1, and strings in Up-stem voice 2. Input the notes you want. Then in Play mode, enable independent voice playback for that player/instrument - this loads endpoints for each voice. You can then manually change the sounds loaded in the relevant slots in the VST instrument you’re using for playback.

I’ve not yet published the documentation for this, but you can read more about independent voice playback in the Version History (starts at the bottom of p44).

That should work well in this case.

For usage like that, it would be nice for the user to be able to label the voices instead of having to keep track of what “Up stem voice 3” is used for.

If one were only using three voices for the different instrument, it should be easy enough to keep track of the voice colors or use a Comment as a reminder.

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