Multiple staff input

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Is this a known behaviour? Inputting to a choir system with up/downstem voices on both staves.
[to clarify – I am wondering why I just get notes input on the lower staff. Here I am typing note names with the computer keyboard]

mulitple staff input

Yes, it is known. How did you get notes onto the bottom staff only in 142?

6 for quarter, qwerty for the notes.

When I input single pitches into multiple staves at once, I get the same notes on all selected staves.

So you mean that the intended behaviour is known, but not what is happening in my GIF?

Yes. At least I have seen the deleting behavior in multiple voices, where the caret on multiple staves splits into multiple carets. It can also happen with repitching.

About the input above, I’m probably missing something here.

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For some reason notes are only input to the lower system and I don’t understand why.

Now I see that this happens with the Choir Reduction instrument as well as with Piano. Maybe with other multistaff instruments as well? So there is some logic to it, even if I did not expect it – I intended to input to both staffs at the same time.

Ah, of course! That explains it. The choir reduction is only one instrument, so multi-staff input doesn’t work. It’s better to use vocal staves (which put the dynamics above the staff), rename them if needed, and change the sound if desired.

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However, if you have a duet with violin and piano and extend the caret over the three staves, multi-staff input actually does work. Special rules when using piano staff alone? Does not make sense to me.
mulitple staff input again

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The special rule would be the automatic split point. This is good to know – I never tried that. Now I know how to make use of it.