Multiple Stops check

Please add this nifty feature to Dorico Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. We may well add some checks like this in the future, similar to how Dorico can report when the harp pedal settings are incompatible with the notes you’ve written.

If you are going to do this in Dorico, try to do it right, unlike the Sibelius plugin which only checks double stops in isolation, ignoring the ease or difficulty of the transition from one to the next (left hand position, and/or tempo).

I doubt many human violinists would describe Raz2020’s example as “easy’”, though it is theoretically playable.

In fact categorizing the Db-Eb 9th as “easy” even in isolation might be optimistic - I’m assuming the key signature is the end of the conventional 5 flats. Of course D natural to E natural is very easy, since D is an open string.