multiple takes - one track

Is it possible to record, play & listen to multiple audio clips on one track?
e.g. stack up harmony guitar lines onto one track, hearing the previous recorded ones.

I looked for a settings change to do this but came up blank. The clips cut off until they’re cross-faded manually after each take…

You can use and enable “lanes” for your audio track, and then stack record the guitar takes on multiple lanes. After that it’s possible hear the different lanes, and select the best takes to comp down to a single audio track. The only thing you need to enable on the track, is “lanes”. And then “stacked recording”, and finally you can use the “comp” tool for assembling the perfect single guitar track out of all your takes.



I am using lanes but if they aren’t cross-faded you can hear overlapping audio. it cuts off.
I want to simply rewind to marker, hit record & hear all lanes as they were recorded (w/o having to stop & cross-fade each one before recording.)

Is this possible? I can’t find the solution.

Maybe not exactly what you want but (after dup’ing the track, making the dup a “real copy”, and working on the dup only, all this to protect against gremlins):

If you right click on the track w/ all the lanes there is an option “Make tracks from Lanes”, which will “explode” all those tracks across individual lanes so you can hear them all simultaneously.

Yep, I tried that but first the takes have to be recorded so it’s the same thing.

I simply want to record a take, rewind & overdub several times while being able to hear them without crossfading or editing/ making tracks from lanes.
like sound on sound punch in
I guess not possible?
Thanks for the reply though…

Hey, sorry about that, thanks for clarifying.

Only thing I can think of, which isn’t as easy as hitting rewind but not all that cumbersome-sounding, is to have several tracks ready to record … when you are finished recording one, hit rewind as you mention, and also:

On the track you just recorded:

  1. “R” (to toggle record off)
  2. The monitor icon off

Click the down arrow to get to the next track, then on that track:

  1. “R” (to toggle record on)
  2. The monitor icon on

A few extra clicks, should take about 3 seconds total.

But maybe someone else knows how to do it your way … I want to learn that as well!


Correct. I set my markers, hit END to rewind, press R to punch in. Still the overlapping clips cut off the audio from each other until I edit them with crossovers or bounce them to separate tracks/ explode.
I looking for a sound on sound option (like Cakewalk’s Sonar)

The simple answer is, No! Each audio track can only play one audio file at a time. You can put the files on lanes and chopping them up and muting event. But you can still only listen to one at a time!

If want to hear the recorded audio files, while recording a new one, you must record them on separate tracks.

Don’t know if this is possible but, would it work if you set up a Macro of key commands? Set up the locators as needed, set up however empty tracks and turn on looping. Select the first track & hit that Macro key when ready…

Hi! I used to use Cakewalk Sonar, but am now in the process of converting to Steinberg Cubase. I’m trying the trial version right now.

I wanna be able to record an acapella arrangement with 4 parts. Easy enough, 4 channels. And when I’m done I wanna back up my recording by saving each individual channel as a wave file, which I’m then gonna use in an audio processor to create teach tracks that are mixed according to a certain pattern.

Works like a charm - until one of the voice parts has a couple of split notes. The way I wanna solve this is to simply have two notes in the same channel, so that when listening to the teach track, you’ll hear two predominant notes.

Are you saying that this is impossible to do with Cubase?

Ohh, my good, I really hope that this is possible in the new 9.5 version. fi not this is not a serious tool. Of, course, even in SONAR cakewalk, I could do that, recording over a pre. recorded track …

Sonar could do it yes, and yes its really anoying but you can’t do this with most daws now, not just cubase. I remember I couldn’t do it in logic 9 either. For recording, for example - a 10 channel drum session in takes you have to setup 2 folders and switch between folders clicking the rec and monitor buttons on and off and im wondering if there is a macro that could be setup to do this would be huge game changer to be honest. Lanes are not at all useful for this but the suggestions given are to be taken into consideration.

Would love to see an update on this in the future but daws tend to stick to the rules of tape days as soon as you hit record on same channel you can’t hear it. Then when you do it crossfades etc and is ulitmatly just easier to record on a new track. Use snap to pull it back onto the same track after.

Sonar was beast for this I do miss that A LOT