Multiple tempo tracks in the same project!

This is a feature that I think many post-production guys that work on big feature films and other long projects would love :
The option to have more than one tempo track to work with that you can choose at any moment which one you want.
If there is anything like that that can be done I would love to know ! :slight_smile:

At the moment when having only one tempo track the problem is that - if you change the tempo in one scene of the movie, you need to sync again all of the scenes that comes after that scene.
And with the option to have multiple tempo tracks you don’t need that. you just choose different tempo tracks for each scene in the film.
At the moment I know that many people are working on a different project for each scene but it doesn’t have to be like that.

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Look up “track versions”, I believe it is supposed to work with the tempo track

yes is the problem for film composer like us. If you change tempo track inside the movie some changes afflicts the other songs, you could lock all the songs and unlock only the new song tempo change temporary, then you will fix the tempo track later with all songs locked.

Wow this would truely be a game changer, and surely make cubase the DAW of choice for screen composers everywhere… GAME CHANGER!!!

Gosh, just realised this post is from 2014… don’t suppose there’s been any movement on it?! Haha. Please Steinberg!! This would truely improve the workflow by about a million percent. Especially with films these days going through many many different versions, even after picture “lock”. this would make it composing way more dynamic and creative.

The way this could be implemented is to have each cue in it’s own folder track, and each folder track has it’s own unique tempo ruler that you can manipulate as you like without effecting the other cues. Please Steinberg!!! :slight_smile: