Multiple text styles within one horizontal line text?

Hello! I’ve encountered a situation in which it would be useful to have more than one text style within the same horizontal line text - specifically, both normal text and bold italic. Am I correct in thinking that this is not currently possible (in 3.5.10)? I’m aware that the “Horizontal Line Font” can be edited globally under Engrave>Font Styles, but as far as I know, it can’t be controlled more locally than that, i.e. for an individual line text or within a single line text as I’m trying to do. (I’ve tagged this as a feature request if this is indeed the case because it would be quite useful to be able to edit line text on the local level the same way regular Shift-X text can be as well.)

Any suggestions or work-arounds would be much appreciated! My current solution is to create a graphics frame filled with white (since “erase background” doesn’t erase lines) and then another text frame with the different style of text that I want, then carefully move those to the right position on the line in engrave mode - but this is pretty time-consuming and not very consistent, so I’m sure there’s a better way. Thanks!

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If you make the text as a Line Annotation and use the glyph style annotation you can use any combination of characters from any combination of fonts and sizes.


Ah great! Still a bit out of the way, but way better than what I was doing. Thanks!