Multiple time signature and barlines

Good afternoon,
In the attached screenshot, I have a staff in 4/4 and, in the other, I’d need not to display the middle barline of two 4/4 measures (it will have graphic notation inside). I tried to create a different time signature (8/4) and hide it, but then the barlines break between this staff.

Is there a way to “restore” the barlines? Or maybe do you have a better way to do what I need?

Thank you very much!

You inserted a local time signature, of course it will break the barline. I still don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve.

In order to insert graphical notation in mm. 37/38 (Vl. II), I would like the two 4/4 bars to be “fusioned” and make the barline disappear, but I cannot manage it!

I’d be using an open time signature (local) in that part and then another local time signature where you want the next barline. Does this work?

This has the same effect than the caption I attached…

Sorry, yes, I’m an idiot.

So you want a barline between the Vln 1 and Vln 2 staves at the start of bar 37 and the start of bar 39?

Exactly! By the way, I want the barline to continue down (the piece is written for string sextet, but the other instruments are not displayed on the screenshot).

You have a very convuluted way to explain this.
Remove both signposts. The latter one seems it can only be removed by selecting the barline next to it and deleting.
Insert 4/4 bar on m. 39 and insert 8/4 bar on m. 27 (open meter would also work). Don’t make them local.

I believe there is (or at least was) a setting in Engrave Options:

Engraving Options > Barlines > Barline Joins > Coincident Barlines in Polymetric Music that you can set to Join

Does this fix it?


In order to make one staff different from the other, time signature changes do need to be local.

If @gualgasull wants a barline in one position but not in all staves: local signatures will be required.

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Yes, finally! That was I was looking for!!! Thank you very much!!

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Yeah, I figured out what he meant when I tried your post above. I felt lost though.

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