Multiple timelines in one project - “Flows” system like in Dorico

Been a Cubase user since SX3! Love it and just purchased Cubase 13.

I’m doing lot’s of theatre productions and musicals, on those projects I found it easier to work on 1 enormous project with lots of cycle markers. And that’s create certain problems.

I think the ability to have multiple timelines in the same project, would be a huge feature for me! It’s a very regular concept in video apps (sequences in Premiere or compositions in After Effects for example) but I don’t think any DAW does something like that…

Now, you can tell me that I can open a few projects in the same time and activate every project each time I want to move timelines… but that’s not what I’m looking for…
the ability to mix entire projects more efficiently with the same chain across all production + the ability to jump to any song quickly, without the need to wait for everything to load is a huge timesaver and selling point for me.

What I’m suggesting is the amazing and innovative “Flows” system from Dorico imported into Cubase. Or something like what’s happening in Vst live.
Every track I add to any timeline (vsti or audio) becomes “available” and loaded on all timelines… But now, the difference from a huge timeline is that every song could start from bar 0… and whenever you want to add bars (and especially irregular bars) to a certain song, you don’t have to deal with all sort of timeline problems. Every timeline has a unique tempo map… and all plugins across the project are loaded. EXTREMELY useful!!!

I’ll probably use this feature for 80% of my projects.

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