Multiple Track Freeze?

I didn’t spot it in the feature list but thought I’d check here: Are we finally able to freeze more than one track at a time?

+1 and I dont understand why not! You can bounce multiple regions in place in one go. You can export multiple tracks in one go, but you cannot freeze multiple tracks in one go?! Come on!!


If you make this a feature request, post the link here and I will add my +1. Maybe if we get enough people requesting this it might find its away into Cubase in the next decade.

edit: I made a feature request here:

Please add your comments and +1 if you want to see this implemented.

Yeah but they want your 100 bucks next year and the year after so they will save it for the next update. But seriously though, this would be useful…sometimes im sat there waiting for 2 minutes while a single track is being frozen. May aswell just export it as audio yourself and do the whole lot. Perhaps a good idea is to create a little folder in your projects folder and just create the freeze files as audio yourself just to keep the audio files seperate from everything.

+1 !!! How long will it take to realise this would be so very useful? Threads have asked for this since 2013 !!!


This has been my number one request since 2012.

Please Steiny…Even Pro Tools finally added freeze a couple years ago and as much as I hate to admit it, they have the best implementation of Freeze and Commit (Render in Cubase terms) in any DAW now.

Pleeeease!!! :slight_smile:

+1. Yes, come on Charlie. It can’t be that difficult…??

10.5 come and gone and still no Multiple Track Freeze

and still no way to assign a key command to the freeze function.

Please guys!!!

Makes you wonder if there’s anyone listening… or caring maybe
Busier making new things for the features list in the brochure to attract new customers…
And removing neat things we’ve used for years for no apparent reason (I‘m referring to the ability to resize the toolbox on the front page…which was removed recently…)


is this still not a thing?

How is this still not included? Is there a single feature that makes more sense than this?

Still hoping this will see the light of day in CP11.

(along with hot-key assignability for the freeze function)