multiple tracks / freeze / time base


there are some function that i don’t understand why we can’t use the Alt-shift+clic function.
if you want to move multiple faders or mute them you select the tracks and Alt-shift+clic one fader ok.
i want to change time base on multiple midi tracks. i have to do that one by one… why WHY !?
also… i want to freeze VSTi that are killing my CPU . a bunch of orchestral instrument somehting you know you can freeze and work on the rest.
i have to freeze / unfreeze them one by one ! why not apply settings for first freeze to all selected freeze.
it would increase the workflow.


The implementation of the Freeze-function has been criticised ever since it’s first appearance (in NU5, if memory serves me right). The expected workflow should be similar to recording: Arm the tracks you want to Freeze, press Play, done.

Most other DAWs I work with do it like that, BTW. 8-/