Multiple upgrades in one go? AI -> 10 Pro -> 10.5 pro??

Hi everyone,
I have an unsual question (possibly), I have a new music PC that I am building and am about ready to install cubase, however I am trying to install Cubase in the cleanest way possible. My situation is this:

  1. I have the UR-12 audio interface which has AI included
  2. I have cubase 10 pro licence (upgrade from AI version) that I purchased in the sale last year
  3. I “may” get the upgrade to 10.5 (off topic question - is it worth it?)

I have yet to install the Ur-12 interface or install AI. Is there way to get to version 10 pro (or 10.5 pro if i buy it) without the unnecasary complication/hassle of install AI first?

Also note I haven’t registed any of my licences on MySteinberg yet either. So I just want to know the the cleanest way of going about this so I’m not doing multple installs/upgrades if possible.

Many Thanks

Your Question is not unusual at all (not even the “is it worth it?” Question). It must be one of the most asked (and answered) questions on the Forums - you could try the search…

  1. Activate your licenses sequentially.
  2. Install the latest activated version (Pro) only.

Note: you practically already have Pro 10.5. Thanks to the “grace period”, when you activate the Pro license it will automatically update the license to the current Pro version at the time of activation, that is to 10.5 currently. You could even wait until Cubase 11 if you like…