Multiple users. Users can run cubase but don't see presets

I have also moved the presets using library manager to C:\Steinberg ( a location that every user, even non admin have read/write access. Still Cubase does not see them.

That won’t do it.

Are you saying each student has their own Windows User account?


But those accounts are reset to zero upon restart?


But it is also not working for our Professors who use a machine without DeepFreeze on it. So their profiles stay.

The problem is elsewhere then. Does your school have an IT person who is a Windows tech?

If the user accounts are reset, what is the reason to have them in the first place, if I may ask?

I am the computer tech.

You have to have them in windows for user settings among other things. That’s the way Windows/Linux/MacOS work.

Thanks for your time. I am going to see if I can get back with Steinberg tech support. Weird that their phone support is open only 9am until 1pm (Which is our heaviest time for classroom use)

I can’t find the offline installer, can anyone help ?