Multiple users. Users can run cubase but don't see presets

Hope someone can help me.
Using the web installer ( I guess they stopped making the offline installer for some reason) I installed cubase 11 on 49 machines which took hours to do, and installed the program in C:\Program Files, which was done under an admin account.
I installed the presets under the C:\ProgramData\ folder which is the default location for Cubase. Library manager sees them.
But if I log in as another usr the presets are missing.
Users have admin rights on computer so not a permissions issue.

I also Moved presets to C:\Steinberg using the move option in Library manager. Just to make sure
Users still could not see presets.
Anything else I can try?
Thanks for any help

The offline installer can still be downloaded from the main steinberg site. When installing Cubase asks if you want to install for multiple users.

There is not an option in 11 for that.

Where is the offline installer? I can’t seem to find it on their site.

I’ve never used multiple users so I’m not sure about that one. I’ll let admin reply. I thought it asked when installing.

Sorry should have been more clear.

An All in one offline installer. which includes all presets.

Cubase 9.5 had one but 11 doesn’t

I have to install this thing on 49 computers. That download link just lists offline installers per preset and Cubase. That is about 30 installers I would have to install manually.

Ah yes that is the case with 11. It was changed so if you don’t want to install everything. I agree with you thought that it should be available as a pack as well.

Yeah it is maddening working with Cubase in an educational setting.

Cubase 9.5 was bad enough since I could not push it via MECM/SCCM silently without a user logged in first. But at least I could create the package and install it via SCCM/MECM after logging into the machine and installing it with one click.

Cubase 11 has been the bane of my existence this semester.

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After testing further it is not a permission problem.
I used my admin account to install. presets are visible.
Logged into another account that has admin privileges and presets are not visible.

So seems to be a Cubase problem.

How are you trying to see the presets, using Cubase, or another means?

Have the Steinberg %appdata% folders been created on the various machines?

btw fyi, it’s not multiple users, it’s All Users, which is a “User” alias in the Windows scheme of things. C:\Users\All Users and is really an alias (a symbolic link technically speaking) to the folder C:\ProgramData. Since Cubase 10 I think, Cubase is always installed for all users.

Trying in Cubase yes.

AppData would be per user. I thought they were installed for All Users.
Does it require the presets to be installed every time a new user logs in.

My problem is I am in a multi user environment in where we use DeepFreeze to “reset” the machine when the user logs off.
Of course my admin account that I used to install is persistent as it is created before we “freeze” the hard drive.

The user settings folder – %appdata%/Steinberg – contains the mediabay database, which in turn displays the preset lists etc.

I’m not a site admin, so I could be missing something, it just seems that if that dir and file exist, the program could load and list them.

What specifically gets deleted when the user logs off?

And, do you create the admin account on all the computers?

This is the kind of thing Steinberg support would have correct answers for I imagine. US support is not too slow, have you contacted them?

Basically the users C:\Users\username. folder gets created every time they log in. Steinberg would not be in their appdata folder since it was installed via My admin account.
Their whole C:\Users\username folder gets deleted when they log off/reboot
Tried Steinberg support but they keep thinking it is a permissions issue.
But since I tried it with 2 admin accounts and get the same results, it cannot be that.

I was hoping someone else here could help, but it seems most users don’t use it in a multi-user environment like we do.

Hm… You need more guru then me, heh.

But I was thinking – can you script adding the default Cubase User Settings folder at some point before a user logs into that machine? If the folder were there, I think this problem would be solved. It would also save time for the new user loging in, since the VST plugin initialization scans would not have be done at each login.

Is it fair to assume, users don’t get to save any custom presets, but will only get read access to the factory and/or administratively installed presets?

Is there any trickery that might be possible via automatically creating some symlinks to the relevant presets directories in windows during the login process for the non-admin users?

That is the problem. Users are ADMIN. They have read, write, and execute permissions. They can create new presets but they will be wiped if they reboot due to Faronics DeepFreeze.

But doesn’t that product allow you to configure the whole PC? Why not create an image with the Steinberg User Settings Folders already populated?

We log in using Azure AD. I would have to create a profile for each Student who logs into that machine. Not feasible.

I am just wondering why 9.5 worked fine and still does in another lab, but 11 is causing this problem.

Probably due to

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