Multiple versions of Cubase in one forum is confusing plus where are the post numbers?

Why has the forum condensed all the versions of Cubase into one thread. You see an issue thinking it is for C11 and it turns out to be for C10. All very confusing if there is no mention of the version in the header.

Also where are the post numbers?

We are trying to keep the structure of the forum rather fast. There is the option to “mute” a tag in the preferences. So you could try to mute the “cubase-10” tag and those topics won’t show up in your “latest” list anymore.

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OK thanks for that.

However, all the time spent posting in the past goes back to zero? Wait, there seems to be no mechanism for the number of posts you have made.

I’m sorry but it seems like a terrible terrible idea to just jumble up all Cubase versions in one like this. Us helping each other and trying to solve problems / find work arounds can be really specific to particular versions, and by its nature something that slowly develops. Please reconsider!

I know, there are a lot of changes with the new forum. But please give it try. It’s still all very new. There are tags for generations and specific topics like “issue” which should help you find the relevant posts quite quickly. The search functionality is also quite advanced in the new forum.

I have to agree with this complaint.
Back about 20 years ago I posted objections when the Forum combined Mac and PC posts. Over time people just accepted it.

Anyway, if the search function on this new forum actually works that’ll be enough for me. Just a quick test and the search function does seem to be improved.

For the past 10 / 15 years I’ve used Google to find useful information on the Steinberg forums. Google actually turned up forum results. The built in search? not so much.

A filter module where we can select what we see would be nice. Kind of like you see on retail websites.

I actually prefer the merged forums.

There is a ton of functionality that changes little or not at all between Cubase versions, so when looking just at a single version’s forum, there’s a high likelihood that one misses out on the topic having been dealt with in another version’s forum.

For example, I’ve been digging around remote controlling Cubase quite a lot over the last year and the relevant discussions were spread out over quite a few different old forums, since that functionality has not changed very much over many years and Cubase versions.

So for my use, the merged forums make things easier.


I’m coming around to liking them merged too.

Once I sorted out what to mute in both Categories & Tags (and really it was Categories that was most useful) I can go to the 'New" tab and see all the new stuff I’m interested in, instead of having to jump around a dozen different sub-forums like the old forum.

Do think that the available Tags should be increased.

Also it would be nice if there was a mechanism to put everything on the Mute list for when it is easier to remove a few from the list rather than enter a bunch of items to the list one-by-one.


Interesting - Click on a tag in someones post and we see a filtered list of only posts with that tag. So the code must be in their somewhere to put the tags right at the top of the forum window.

I agree with raino about introducing more tags.

I do like the fact that, when I log in it stays on the post I was reading.
Before the forum software would send you back to the very top page of the forum and you had to remember what you were reading and drill down to find it.
That’s nice.

And the new forum is really nice looking… I must say

We started with the basics, but we are open to discuss additional tags. What do you have in mind?

Sorry to barge in, but I feel the same that we should have more tags.

One idea is to have some specific tags, for recurring discussions regardless of program or version. For example #mixconsole, #inspector, #score_editor, #key editor, #zones, #keycommands #UI etc etc. are there both in Nuendo and Cubase, so that we (the users) can easily find similar topics to contribute to instead of creating fascimile new topics all the time - as the old search engine was not as powerful as this one -, and you (the team) can easily access feedback and discussion pertaining to specific modules/components of the program.

We could also have #crash. Most of the times crashes are system specific, and it would be nice if we could filter them out and see all the other issues, for example. On the flip side, someone from the team might want to see only the crashes. Also, for #issue in particular, you could have a #3rd_party tag you could retroactively use to flag solved issues, so that we/you have an extra filter to use that shows in which cases the issues stem from Steinberg’s software or a 3rd party plug-in or such.

I see that #forum exists, as does #licensing. But we are currently in this very thread that hasn’t been tagged as such. This new layout is more powerful, but we need to adapt, and remember to use the tags since they seem so important to the forums’ housekeeping.

But much of this (regarding the layout of the forum) you must answer yourselves (the team) and give us a direction.

For example, would you still prefer us to post many many threads each one asking for a new key-command, or should we have one big thread, in which each request is liked and discussed in the nested replies?

One thing I liked (and disliked) about the old forums was how easy it was to navigate to a specific forum. However, this meant that we could be oblivious to what is discussed in other forums, and it turns out most of the times it was more or less the same things being discussed in C11,C10,C9,N10,N9 etc. It lacked synergy. Now, we have more synergy, but how to make the most out of it?

Sorry for the lengthy intrusion. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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ggmanestraki I agree with you completely. My main reservation is that we end up with rather a lot of tags, which in itself could get very confusing. If you choose the C11 tag then related tags could follow ie Crash or Editor. Then the discussion would be of a crash or the editor in C11.

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I agree with the complaint as well. This isn’t a good setup.

Oh yes, this has crossed my mind as well. Too many tags is the same as no tags!

I do like the basic idea and am willing to work with it. I suppose I am a bit sad that all the number of posts I and others have made, have disappeared from the front page.

Currently I don’t get how the interactions between Tags, Categories & humans functionally behaves so can’t suggest specific Tags.

But here is a example where I thought Tags would be useful but it wasn’t.

I went through and Muted a bunch of Categories for topics I don’t follow such as Steinberg Hardware. I also Muted all the German forums. This hid most but not all German language posts. So I thought maybe there was a German Tag I could mute, but there wasn’t. Not sure if there really should be after thinking about it because then it would depend on every person posting to Tag the language of the post.

The thing with the old forum structure is that in order to post you had to pick an appropriate sub-forum. Where here it seems more you could add a Tag if you liked, or not, or maybe even a few misleading Tags - maybe, if you think about it and remember to do it. Before we had categorization because it was structurally required to post, now categorization is more like optional info a poster can supply.