Multiple versions of one parameter's automation

I would like to save different versions of the automation of a plugin’s paramater, and be able to choose which one is being applied at any time.

Is that somehow possible?


Idea :bulb:

Put several versions of the plugin on the channel and automate each one then use bypass to exclude the plugins you don’t want to hear.

Thanks, I was looking for some way to record automation data in the abstract, and then route it to any parameter of any plugin.

With Sends, tracks can route their audio or MIDI to any other track… I was hoping this would be possible for automation data too…

I can’t think of a way of doing that (interesting Idea though) one problem I can envisage is one of scaling, i.e if one automation range is different from another.

The PLE goes some way to being able to modify Automation, but I do not think it can write into different or new Automation lanes?

But maybe someone else can work out a way?

PLE = Project Logical Editor? I never use that…

If it’s just a one time write of automation data, you can copy/paste. I am not sure the logical editor can do more than one-time processing.

But copy/pasting audio or midi parts doesn’t replace audio/midi routing, and similarly it would be nice to have parameter automation routing.

Something like: create an abstract parameter just like you create a track, edit automation numbers for that new parameter like any real automation, and send it to plugin parameters like track Sends do.

Maybe a good feature request for C7

Automation routing, and if like you say it incorporates a send type scaling fader or multiplier, could come in handy.

You could use automation parameter <-> midi conversion …

Record/paint midi cc data, route it to a quick control via generic remote and change destination of the quick control…

I do automation mainly with midi tracks…

Since VST parameters were invented to generalize CCs, it’s a bit ironic to use CCs to solve a VST parameter problem.

But thanks, it should work. Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 can convert any CC on a specific channel to a parameter of any hosted plugin. So in this case MIDI routing becomes automation routing: midi sends actually send automation data.

This sounds like a 2 stage operation being as you probably can’t change vst’s and parameter assignments in the same command. Maybe you can save the whole track that contains the automation in question. Then apply it to any other project (or same project) and change the vst to your choice. I would guess you could then change the parameter assignment in the PLE?
Just a thought.

Actually if you host the VST you want to automate inside a hosting plugin (like Plogue Bidule or Vienna Ensemble Pro 5), it’s possible.

Bidule exports 512 parameters: “Parameter 001” … “Parameter 512” (VE Pro calls them “Param1”… “Param512”). In Cubase, you make an automation curve for “Parameter 001” and one for “Parameter 002”.

Then if you want your first version to automate the VST’s volume (for example), ask Bidule to link the VST’s volume parameter to “Parameter 001”. If you want the second version, link “Parameter 002” instead.

The only problem is that you cannot rename Bidule’s or VEPro’s parameters, so in your Cubase automation tracks you can only see “Parameter 001”, not “SomePlugin volume”. When you automate lots of plugins hosted inside Bidule/VEPro, it becomes a nightmare.

I’d really like to find a solution to that…