Multiple VST Connect connections from 1 facility possible?

Multiple VST Connect connections from 1 facility with multiple workstations/studios/rooms to different performers possible?

This applies to a secured corporate studio facility network.

I did a test and had to enable port-forwarding in order for VST connect to create the connection. Video was transmitted without the forwarding, but the sync remained red without port-forwarding enabled.

I am not in the position to created the complete testscenario with multiple workstations (yet), nor would I want to try if it doesn’t work. Better to inquire the info from the experts/developers.

I assume you are talking about multiple “studio” computers on the same LAN connecting to multiple REMOTE performers over the internet ?

This ‘should’ work fine BUT the issue could well be your “secure corporate studio facility network” !

A ‘basic’ firewall/router will just NAT the various addresses/ports involved and all ‘should’ be well…but that’s not happening on your network. You enabled port forwarding and it worked (which ports assume those high numbered ones mentioned in the docs…or was it all …i.e. a DMZ ?). This means it’s very likely firewall/router is blocking some ports and that’s gonna cause problems using multiple sessions.

Are you looking after the network yourself ?

Both assumptions are correct.

We forwarded 5111-51113.

I am in direct contact with the firewall admin, so we can make alterations, but these need to be simple rules which we can turn on/off between sessions.

I suspect the rule is “do not block/filter 51111-51113”

Your situation is a bit more ‘edge case’ than most so you are going to have to experiment a bit. Strictly speaking this isn’t a VST connect issue but a firewall config issue.

Let us know if your test works - be interesting to see - and to see if we can up with solutions if it doesn’t

FWIW suspect video uses more standard ports that your firewall/router doesn’t care about which is why that part works.

It is black and white, it either works or not. Not quite sure what you try to acheive; multiple simultaneous connections are not supported at all.

something along the lines of …

The facilities has 10 cubase workstations all on the same LAN - all need to work with external performers over the internet. So it’s NOT multiple connections to ONE host…it’s multiple connections to multiple hosts.

That won’t work unless you have 10 seperate internet connections, or make sure that only one station is connected at a time. It would probably get confused as it is to be expected that the network provides messages from all performers to all studios, if this is at all possible.

Ok, clear. Thanks. It would be an interesting scenario with the current Covid situation.

Maybe with VPN’s. It would make the setup too complex for the average joe then…

Maybe making the ports configurable? Then each room can use different ports.

I understand why that ‘might’ not work on the LAN because of the way it broadcasts locally…but why not over the internet to multiple clients ? You use some kind of gatekeeper (?) that provides ID - then this just NATs back to each computer ? Where would the ‘confusion’ arise ?

Isn’t that like saying “only one person could use Zoom” ?

I really think that the “same ports” is a red herring…your issue is going to be the blocked ports of course…but on a more simple setup then I don’t see why VST connect would behave differently from every other network application ?

I mean you don’t have to limit your web surfing to one computer at once because it is using port 443/80 ? The router takes care of all that.

Hmm you’ve got a point, but that’s probably why the video side made a NAT connection (which actually shouldn’t be allowed on the network, but was just a reckless try of mine, but that’s another point), but the audio needs to run over 51111-51113?


If I get chance I’ll test it later

Sure, it’s a snitch to set up some advanced server structure with ID processing, NAT resolvers, load balancers, relay servers, edge computers…
I will ask the Zoom guys how much that will be :slight_smile:
Seriously, it sure can be done, but we are not Zoom.
Nevertheless as said, we are working on a tech which would allow for multiple listeners, but not multiple connections to one IP.

Just tested this and it falls over - as musi says, the gatekeeper only allows one login per originating IP address. So anybody else logging in on the LAN (via same public IP) effectively logs out the existing user.

Thanks for testing!

Was just listening in on this conversation. I have VST Connect but hadn’t ventured to use it yet, but interested.
As far as this multiple VST connection, does each connection have to have a specific IP address? If one logs the other out if joining in on the LAN with the same IP, what if the second joining party one hides the IP address, say through a VPN? I’m not fully privy of this technology yet but just throwing it out there.

hi - not sure you are talking about the same thing ?

VST connect is a one-to-one technology - you CAN NOT have multiple performers connecting to one cubase/nuendo session.

This thread is about the possibility of having multiple Cubase/Nuendo computers on the same network with remote clients…

Hi dr
I understand that as I have read through this thread. From what I could read though, it looked like you and GvdB were experimenting on how to connect more than one client to a host studio. My previous post was based on your test in your last post that you said had failed. Maybe I mistook the reasoning.

ahhh ok - A VPN may fool the system - worth a test ?

Precisely. I’m not up and running or I’d test the theory with you. Maybe you and GvdB could?