Multiple VSTi instances - any way to label them uniquely in the F11 rack?

Hi - I’ve recently started using multiple instances of the same VSTi to try and use ASIO Guard more and hopefully cut down on audio dropouts.

What I’ve noticed though is that in the F11 rack I can’t distinguish any of the instances from each other, because they are all labeled identically. So, for example, if I wanted to open the Halion Sonic SE horns, I often wind up first opening the instance that houses the organ patch, then the one with the bass, then the one with the … before I find the instance with the organ.

Does anyone know of a way to uniquely label the various VSTi instances in the F11 rack?


Just double click on the name and you can rename…as opposed to a single click which opens the instrument selection menu.

Thank you, Nickledome!

Really? OMG I just accepted that without ever trying to remedy it. THANKS!