multiple WAV windows open - Tab width & position

If many WAV windows are opened and their filenames are long, it is tricky to find the right WAV. ALT+F5 helps nevertheless would it be possible to implement an option like “Shrink tab name if multiple files opened” with logic like “ABC…XYZ”? Option for setting minimal width would be nice too.

In WL6 the names (WAV windows) were displayed at the bottom of screen - would it be possible to implement an option of showing WAV tabs at the bottom in WL7 as well? I looked hard but could not find it anywhere.

To quickly find files:
Global menu > List of open files

Why tabs at the bottom rather than top? This is not very standard.

Yes I know, as I wrote ALT+F5 does help.
So you consider this “shrink tab name” as a bad idea?

Why? Well as I also wrote - in WL6 (and older) they WERE shown at the bottom and I am simply used to it :ugeek:
It also makes sense to me as they would stay on the same place even if I close / open / resize tool windows in the upper part of screen.

No, it’s not a bad idea.