multiple wdm drivers


Does anyone know of a way to get Cubase to use multiple wdm drivers at the same time?

Just to clarify what i mean, i would like to be able to run a Midas Venice F desk, which uses firewire and my lynx AES16 card at the same time.

So is it possible to be able to route some output channels to the Midas desk via firewire and some outs to the lynx?

Has anyone tried Asio4all, to see if this kind of thing is possible?

or with cubase is this just a no go situation?


Cubase does not use wdm drivers at all. It uses ASIO drivers and always only one of them.

Yeah sorry, ASIO drivers.

So there is def no way at all to split it up, Damn!

I’ve heard that Samplitude can, so i may have to look into that. I wonder why one DAW can and Cubase cannot? Any ideas?

And have you tried Asio4all?

If there is, then with ASIO4all.
And routing some outs to the Midas desk must not mean, you need to have ASIO driver active in Cubase. Some cards allow you to route the I/Os under windows.

I don´t think it can, when using ASIO drivers

No, I´ve got a working system that uses its dedicated ASIO driver, that is much more stable than ASIO4all anyway.

I have personally never used Asio4All, but there are post about folks in the forum that have used it.