Multistaff support for dynamics

After spending some time with this very impressive first release of the application, one particular detail struck me, which is that creating dynamics or hairpins doesn’t work for multiple staves at the same time.

So I was wondering, is that something that’s coming up in a future version, or are batch operations like this to be relegated to scripts? I feel like it would be optimal if the tools themselves provided what’s likely the expected result to users when they select multiple staves and add a dynamic. The slur tool seems to work like this already for example, so it would seem consistent to do it that way.

+1 for this!
I did spot this command but that doesn’t appear to do anything, or I’ve misunderstood what it should do?
right-click->dynamics->group together
can anyone explain what this function does?


Yes, being able to create dynamics across multiple staves at once is indeed a planned feature.

Ian, I thought we had hidden that context menu, but apparently we did not. Those items are intended to allow you to specify which dynamics should be treated as a group for the purposes of vertical alignment, i.e. whether they should move together when something forces them to move further away from the staff. At the moment, you will get a group for any dynamics that abut, but if there is even e.g. one beat between each dynamic, you’ll get two separate groups. This is not yet implemented, however, though I hope it will be soon.

Great to hear, thanks!