MultiTap Delay : how to set each tap's timing in ms?

This plugin is amazing !
Stock plugins really get exiting again :wink:

But i also use this kind of delay A LOT for sound design where i want no “beat” / “tempo” relation beetween taps ( king of prime number relationship between taps time’s values )

Is there a way to enter each taps delay time in ms ?
What’s the relation between the delay knob on the left and the tap’s time ?

can’t find an explanation on the manual :

NB : i’m still on 10.5

It’s easy. Just deactivate sync on the ‘delay’ knob. It’ll give you the millisecond option.

Hey ! thanks,
yes i noticed that,
but we cannot enter numeric values :confused:
We have to slide the taps…

I believe if you double click on any number you can enter the value

Double Click > it erase the tap.

It seems the delay time knob on the left sets a max time and tap values are subdivision of this ( with values ranging from 0 to 1 )

Make sure to turn off sync first. Then double click directly on the numbers/numerals.
Here’s from the online manual.
If Sync is activated, this sets the base note value for the delay. If Sync is deactivated, the delay time can be set freely in milliseconds.

Activates/Deactivates tempo sync.

Lock/Unlock Delay Value and Number of Taps
Locks/Unlocks the values of the Delay and the Taps parameters when loading presets.

Hey, thanks,

NB : before i post here i usually read the manual, i have :wink:
NB 2 : i started making music with the first version of cubase on Atari 20+ years from now.
I actually do know how a delay work, but i agree i can miss something being too fast sometimes :wink:

have you actually tried this ?
because it doesn’t work as you described,

with sync desactivated, i can set a value in MS, for the global delay, but :

  • double click still erase taps
  • value shown when sliding taps range from 0 to 1 not msec
  • global delay value on the left represent the tap position 1.0 ( 0.5 will be half of it ), so the max delay time of the tap sequence

QUESTION : are you on cubase 11 ?

A workaround is :
with sync desactivated, set the delay value ( knob left ) to 1000ms,
and then slide taps to get ms values.
for exemple : 0.13 will be 130ms