MultiTap delay sounding on left issue

it is usable… there are possible workarounds available

in the Nuendo 11.0.30 release notes it is mentioned as “solved issue”
I guess Cubase will follow soon

i can’t find where in Nuendo is “solved issue”?
Only “The Low-Cut parameter in the Delay Character section of the MultiTap Delay is now working correctly when a delay module is used for effects.” - but its different problem :confused:

Oh was reading to fast…
indeed, different problem

I tried to reproduce the original problem on my system…(Nuendo 11)
I can’t…
If I load the plug on a FX send it just works as expected
with no tap enabled the delays are synced to the project tempo and panned to
if I enable the first tap it is panned to center…


I also cannot reproduce the issue in C11 11.0.30. For me it works the same as in 10.5.30.

What happens if you make the settings as shown in the screenshots below. I try with mix at 50% and first hear the original centered, then the left delay on the left and the right delay on the right. I can set the mix to 100% but this yields the same result but the original centered source will not be played obviously.


today i did what is on your picture once again :wink: I did it before and many other variations- believe me there is the issue. Of course issue is on my system, but other member here confirm same problem, so im sure some systems has this problem :wink:
Thanks for trying to help

Where are your screenshots?

Hi Corbie,
I understand… If the settings in the screenshots do not work as expected then indeed there is something going on. No idea what that could be. I was indeed just trying to help. Hope it gets fixed for you.

My screenshots. Default insert. I did not touch any parameter:

I can’t see the signal…
So what does proof it sounds on the left side only?
My default presets look the same…

your default presets look the same and sounds OK- then im glad for you.
my default presets look the same and sounds on left side!
You cant help me and just go around my topic

Certainly if other users find that it works as it should, there’s a chance that something not obvious is involved on your setup.
Maybe a bug report in the official format would help to clarify?
How to report a bug in Cubase

well… we tried to narrow down what the problem could be…

Same problem here, I’m still on Cubase 11.

Default settings, problem exists with both the base delay, and tap delay.

If you look at the meters, you wont see any difference in level between L and R channels, but if you record the ouput of the plugin onto a track and look closely, one will see a timing offset between the L and R channels and the offset grows.

Use a 1/2bar time on the base delay.

I think there must be some sort of weird phasing going on as well, because the meters are the same, but for me, the right channel is audibly disappearing.

there’s no fx modules turned on, no panning, no width fx, etc. Just dry base delay.

I’m going to have to buy D16 Tekutron as an alternative if this isn’t patched.

btw, Im on Windows.

I would point out that your test is insufficient because you are hard panning left / right for each tap, this signal is only going to one or the other.

For this test, use no taps/no panning, and just the 1/2 base/offset delay.

Pretty much the issue is, there is no symmetrical center stereo-balanced/mono delay setting, it always gradually goes left and the right channel falls out of phase or something.

In Cubase 12, the left and right channels match exactly if you set the Spatial knob to 0%:

The Spatial parameter is creating a delay time diffence between left and right channel. If you don’t want that, set Spatial to 0%.

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ahaaaaaaaaa I see,

It begs to be pointed out though… Isn’t it kind of strange in itself that the spatializer has this effect? I think the algorithm could be improved on a bit… Is it only an expanding timing offset? Depending on what type of sound is inputted, could and is causing phase issues.

Perhaps a bit of modulation, different order subtle distortions, slightly different EQ curves… some more things should be going on under the hood to differentiate the two channels from phase cancelling each other.

That’s the idea behind it.

That’s called the Precedence effect, or HAAS effect. One channel is slightly delayed to trick the brain in thinking the audio comes from one side, giving the impression of “stereo”.

The result is different depending if you listen to it with speakers or headphones, and if the initial signal is mono or stereo. Depending on the audio material and delay amount this can cause phase issues.

There’s nothing that can be improved about that, except by having a completely different spreading technique.

I know what it is, it’s just fairly rare in modern times to encounter it in its rawest form because of its inadequacies.

Maybe give us a ‘I’ and ‘II’ mode buttons next to the control for a different algorithm with less potential phase issues @andreasm ?