MultiTap delay sounding on left issue


from the release of MultiTap delay i noticed that delayed sound always on left side. For example its very audible then 100% wet on insert channel. At first i thought its kind of bug on my system and cubase 10.5. But now im on other computer and cubase 11- still the same problem.
When SPATIAL slider on 0 % - its ok MONO CENTER. When SPATIAL 50 % (by default) - delay on left. When SPATIAL 100 % - very on left.

the multi tap delay sets every tap to a different position in the panning, there is a setting for this… read the manual

nop it is not about it. By default TAPS is set to 0, so no PANORAMA available. From the start position simple delay is always on left.
I found this problem from someone too in this forum. I really think is bug

yes I noticed this as well and posted about it

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This will be investigated.


was this fixed in 11.0.3? didnt see in the change log

just checked. NOPE - problem still exist. Pity, that bug makes good plugin NOT USABLE :confused: /

just checked 11.0.30 update. NOPE - problem with multitap delay still exist. Pity, that bug makes good plugin NOT USABLE :confused: waiting…

it is usable… there are possible workarounds available

in the Nuendo 11.0.30 release notes it is mentioned as “solved issue”
I guess Cubase will follow soon

i can’t find where in Nuendo is “solved issue”?
Only “The Low-Cut parameter in the Delay Character section of the MultiTap Delay is now working correctly when a delay module is used for effects.” - but its different problem :confused:

Oh was reading to fast…
indeed, different problem

I tried to reproduce the original problem on my system…(Nuendo 11)
I can’t…
If I load the plug on a FX send it just works as expected
with no tap enabled the delays are synced to the project tempo and panned to
if I enable the first tap it is panned to center…


I also cannot reproduce the issue in C11 11.0.30. For me it works the same as in 10.5.30.

What happens if you make the settings as shown in the screenshots below. I try with mix at 50% and first hear the original centered, then the left delay on the left and the right delay on the right. I can set the mix to 100% but this yields the same result but the original centered source will not be played obviously.


today i did what is on your picture once again :wink: I did it before and many other variations- believe me there is the issue. Of course issue is on my system, but other member here confirm same problem, so im sure some systems has this problem :wink:
Thanks for trying to help

Where are your screenshots?

Hi Corbie,
I understand… If the settings in the screenshots do not work as expected then indeed there is something going on. No idea what that could be. I was indeed just trying to help. Hope it gets fixed for you.

My screenshots. Default insert. I did not touch any parameter:

I can’t see the signal…
So what does proof it sounds on the left side only?
My default presets look the same…

your default presets look the same and sounds OK- then im glad for you.
my default presets look the same and sounds on left side!
You cant help me and just go around my topic

Certainly if other users find that it works as it should, there’s a chance that something not obvious is involved on your setup.
Maybe a bug report in the official format would help to clarify?
How to report a bug in Cubase

well… we tried to narrow down what the problem could be…