Multitrack Drum Quantizing

I cannot figure out how to quantize multitracked drums. I recorded a drummer playing with no click, absolutely nothing was done to preset the tempo, he just sat down and played a beat. His timing wanders slightly and I’d like to correct this but how is it done? Does it involve tempo detection? If so, then what? I have tried everything. The manual really skims over this and there are no helpful videos on youtube.

I’ve done it in SX3 but it’s quite clumsy, having migrated SX3->C8 recently I’d like to see how this has improved…

If you would like just to adjust some of the hits without getting everything to a click track jsut find the problematic areas/hits,put your drum tracks into a folder, enable group editing and cut at the start and end of a section(or transient) and use the slip edit tool (control/alt with the pointer tool) to move the section left or right and crossfade the audio material.

Youll use this option described bellow if you want to quantize your drums to a click/tempo track:
For a precise editing to a click:

C8 Pro (THe full version has it )has a very nice option to quatize multitrack drums(its been there since v6). Its very similar to ProTools beat detective.

If youre not sure of the tempo you can detect it by selecting a one or two bar of your kick track and use cubases tempo detection(see bellow for the tutorial)

1.Firstly analyse the transients your going to quantize (I usually use kick and snare tracks) by detecting hitpoints in the sample editor.(if you dont do this step then qubase wont know which secctions to quantize)

  1. Then put all the drum tracks into a folder and tick the group bbutton to enable gou editing (or hit the default keycommand K)

  2. then open the quantize panel-its the little sidearrow in the quantize panel in the main top toolbar (or search for its key command in the key commands window).

In the quantize panel youll see thre sections- Slice, quantize and crossfade(please note they will all show up only when you have track grouping enabled)

With slice you will slice your tracks at transient hitpoints (and also se the before padding for crossfading)
Then use quantize to put the slices in time
Finally use the Crosfade section to fill the gaps caused by the quantization.

Also if you like video tutorials Steinberg has it on youtube:

If you want to adjust the tempo track to the actual performance there is a different process called tempo mapping
You can try to automatically detect the tempo with cubases tempo detection option.

If that doesnt cut it then you can do it manually:
Here is a nice video of tempotrack Adjustment/editing:

Hopefully this helps


thanks Janko