Multitrack exporting-mixdown

Hi everyone,
I use a Cubase Artist 9 version but I cannot understand how to make a mixdown exporting all the single tracks separated in the wave format… I cannot find the option…
Is it possible that the Artist version of Cubase does not support this function?

The channel batch export function is only in the Cubase Pro version. Ref Op Manual page 954.

Regards :sunglasses:

Noooooooooo (sigh, sob, sigh sob). Desperation cry.
This was one of reasons I passed from v. 6 to v. 9… :frowning:
My songs have usually about 50-60 tracks… It’s an entire day-work… :frowning:((((

I’m not sure, but I think your version will do an Export Audio Mixdown, but that’s not exactly the same as the Batch channel mixdown which Pro 9 offers. However, you should be able to get a song mix from your version. In my signature there’s a link to the documentation. Good luck.

Ho Stephen, I’m not sure to understand the difference between the two different kind of exportation you mentioning… The export audio mixdown makes an exportation of the entire song on a single stereo track. is it right?
I’d need to have every track that plays in the song as a separated wave track…

I think we’ve run into one of the differences between Artist and Pro versions of Cubase. The Pro Version has what’s called “batch channel” export and I don’t think the Artist version offers that. I don’t know the Artist version and am not myself the most expert Cubase user (2nd year in), but, I believe you’ll have to export each track one at a time.

Good luck with it and I’m sure you’ll work out some strategy for getting what you need. Perhaps someone else will suggest something.

I’ve finally upgraded from Cubase 5.5 Studio to Artist 9.
Bit pissed off to find a the batch export is not in Artist. I rely on having this feature. No mention anywhere in the documentation.
I believe it should be included in Artist??

I guess with the Artist edition one has to Render In Place each track to create audio file “stems.” There is, a believe, a side-by-side feature comparison on the Steinberg website. That said, It would be easy to miss that this feature is not available in the Artist edition of Cubase. :frowning:

Other Artist edition users may have developed techniques to work with the program given this limitation. Good luck.

‘Render In Place’ would be a solution but is that even a feature in the Artist version? I’m not sure.

EDIT: Yes, ‘Render In Place’ is included in Cubase Artist. That is your best route.