Multitrack field recorder conform

I’ve been using Cubase and Nuendo on different computers for 15 years and ended up with working on Cubase 8.5 and using N5.5 for video playing only since 2014.

I just got a job that made me upgrade to N7 shortly for a safer AAF import but… I’ve been asked for a multitrack field recorder conform as the client is usually working with PT guys. Just searched everywhere on the web and it looks like nothing such is available for us in Nuendo…

That’s quite annoying, any advice, guys ? Thank you !


Should anyone know about ? This features is available in PT for a long time. It looks like Steinberg claims Nuendo to be the perfect tool for audio post but I had to remain silent when I’ve been ask about multitrack conform for a project…

Search the forum, there are workarounds and tools that can help.
But you are right, this is a hot topic.

It would be helpful if people find threads on this, to post the links to them in this thread so there is a single recent repository on the subject.

Well I only found one and it’s dated 2014…

Yes we really would like a metadata based conform/matching system.
But I have been doing post for ten years on Nuendo and somehow made it work :slight_smile:

It’s not an excuse and yes we need more improved location recorder conform workflows. But there are options in the mean time.

Here’s one more thread where it was discussed. There are more still. I think I participated in quite a few of them.

Thanks Erik and Oliver, I’ll have a look.
This is some serious disadvantage vs Pro Tools for guys who are working with Nuendo…

Just read through two ways to conform Multitrack field recorder files. Oliver’s is the easiest and ErikG’s is involves some geeky manoeuvres and more caveats than Oliver’s approach. Both are good but really way too convoluted for what should be a simple import operation.

There is a mention in Erik’s approach of using GREP a Unix filename processing tool. There may be an easier way of doing this now with Sound Devices Wave Agent. I believe it is still a free utility. You can download it from this page…

In PT you have to invest in third party software to reconform, handle ADR, have a proper monitor section or a search engine to deal with sound libraries effiecently.

With Nuendo you have to use one third party program to deal with conforming. That’s it.
Yes I’d love that need to go away. But saying that having to use one extra program to do one thing is not a huge deal in the world of post. It just isn’t.

If you want a simple solution buy Titan or a used PTHD license until the day we get in in Nuendo. I’m confident we will as Nuendo is the only true DAW for post around, but when it will happen is anyones guess.

And yes the hunky dory solution seems rather complex. But it isn’t. Not when it’s built. I know at least one post facility that swears by it. As Inwrote elsewhere I have Titan already so I don’t use it but find it a really cool low cost solution that only requires some time and will to learn to accomplish. If that bar is to high. Then buy a tool to help you.