Multitrack Free Warp - Steinberg your view PLEASE!

+1 me too


Need this majorly!


As the thread title says, Steinberg your view PLEASE!


maybe 9.5 ?

Still no reply to this?

I appreciate that this doesn’t appear to be the biggest issue people have with Cubase but can it really be that hard to implement, given that we already ‘have the technology!’ ?

I don’t even need it in the arrange window! Please, just give me a fully adjustable snap grid in the edit window and allow the program to edit any clips I have highlighted, simultaneously.

At that point, I will upgrade.

Lot’s of love,


Have Steinberg ever answered on this question. Even Reaper does it.



It’s a great feature that would improve the workflow dramatically.

+1 please.




no more shiny gimmicks for the kids please! Concentrate on the real workflow!!

BTW, for some people the missing HiResolution is already a BYE-BYE and a HELLO for some competitors…

For both features we are waiting since several versions.


+1,000,000 !!!

  • 1 Here for the multitrack Free Warping, as it is in Pro Tools :slight_smile: I hope the guys from Steiny will spend more attention of what is really important to be added as features, and is already integrated in the others. :slight_smile:

+1 please

…this has been way too long not coming.

well, another +1 for good measure

Very, very disappointed this isn’t in 9.5…

I’m not sure if this solves your problem, but here is a way that I tackled this task…

I used Time Warp (not Audio Warp) to align the timeline to my audio track instead of aligning my audio track to the timeline (do not use the musical events follow version of Warp Tool). The audio track was not perfectly quantized, but all other tracks were in sync with the drum track. This created multiple tempo change points in the tempo track based on the drum track, but they were all very small fraction of a BPM differences. Point is, timeline was warped to match the drum audio track.

Then I selected all audio events and used Audio > Advanced > Set Definition from Tempo. Now the audio warp maps in all audio events on all tracks are aligned to the project grid which is aligned to the drum track. I make sure all audio events are all in musical mode and delete the tempo track automation points. All audio events warp automatically to the now-fixed tempo. I can change tempo freely and because of musical mode all audio follows it automatically.

I think this only works in Cubase Pro though because that’s the only version with the Time Warp tool.