Multitrack Free Warp

2020 and Cubase still does not allow to use the free warp feature on multiple tracks? What about drum edits, etc.???
My studio colleagues who are working with Logic are laughing their ass off when they see me making drum-edits. Common joke is that Steinberg seems to have something to do with Steinzeit (stone age). Haha, but not so funny, if you see how fast they are aligning drums in their 5 year old version of Logic. There are a lot of requests for this feature. Hard to understand why they are constantly ignored. :confused:

Dream on on multitrack warping, I gave up

Cubase 11? That would be a nice new big feature.

Here’s a pretty ingenious work-around in the mean time.

Thanks for the video! Yes, I already stumbled over that workaround, but it isn’t exactly a very easy way.
I am editing right now a live performance and there are some small timing mistakes here and there and it would be again so useful to have this feature.
Why on earth such a core functionality is not implemented yet is hard to grasp. :unamused:




It’s such a waste of time compare to other DAW’s! For example in Ableton live : select multiple samples > free warp what you want > unselect > done !

Steinberg, we need that ! Each time we work on drums, multi mic instruments that need different eq and fx, we have to break up our brain to find an equivalent way. Please !

Fully agree. This is less of an omission and more of an embarassing fault for a modern DAW. Multi tracked drums? Multi tracked guitars? Quick edits on all? Nope. Slow laborious drawn out process. Other DAWS able to do this for years. Whats the issue here Steinberg?
If I was a new cubase buyer and bought C10 presuming the DAW could do routine expected functions of a 2020 DAW, Id be seriously annoyed to find out it couldnt. Loads of cool features in recent releases,and I like the direction cubase is heading in but this is too big to leave out.
If its not in version 11 Steinberg should really give us an comment as to why they can’t do this. Its just getting plain weird now!
I’d much rather work in cubase for live guitar / drum projects but am forced to use Ableton for this reason (works a dream in Ableton in case anyone deciding between these DAWs for that purpose)

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C’mon Steinberg. Please stop overlooking this important feature

The only reason I can’t get away from Pro tools is elastic audio. I can’t believe that Steinberg still cannot implement time stretch for a group of microphones. How can I edit the recording of a piano, which was recorded on 6 microphones, or an acoustic guitar even recorded by XY?