Multitrack Free Warping

Im looking to do this

As far as I can see C9 does not have this ability

nop unfortunately !

Egads… still not there? -1, or more like -10… really wanted this. That’s a shame… I’ve been hoping for it forever.

lot of us… :unamused:

The same topic for the third time… and still without any Steinberg’s reply. This topic is going to be moved to Feauture request the same as my contribution and Multitrack free warp will never ever be happen. We must stop our hopes for this function. We must just simply wish for better musicans! Thats all.

New design of gate or compressor? Who wants it, who needs it? Do Steinberg ever really listen to their customers? How many users wanted a new design of envelope shapper? :wink:

Here is my reply, Im staying on 8.5.

StudioOne has it, Protools