Multitrack-Recording - XAir 18 - Chromebook

as an absolute newbie, I’m trying to record our band during rehearsals.

Our setup is:
Behringer XAir 18 (all tracks are fully loaded) with USB connected to Chromebook with Cubasis 3

The Chromebook recognizes the XAir as an audio interface. But I couldn’t find it in Cubasis 3 - Settings.
Is multitrack recording with 16 tracks simultaneously even possible with the XAir?

I have already read several statements in several forums… but maybe I can get competent help here.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @THD-Stephan,

Thank you for your message.

As stated on the Cubasis website and in the Google Play app description, Cubasis for Android offers limited audio and MIDI hardware support only, Steinberg does not currently guarantee full compatibility.

The number of physical audio inputs/outputs on Android is limited to 2/stereo.
Please find all available features listed on the Cubasis website.

Hope that helps.


Hi @LSlowak .

Thank you for your Help.

Hmmmm… So let’s hope, that there will be an Update for recording more tracks simultaneously.
Why is it possible in IOS, but not on ChromeOS???
Please, you nice guys at steinberg, fix this!!!