MusGlyphs 2.0

Hi folks, I’m planning an update to MusGlyphs. I’d like to hear from current users what glyphs they would like to see added.

I’m already planning on adding key signatures with alto clef. Please me know what other glyphs would be helpful, or other ways I can improve the font. Thanks!

PS: it would also be helpful to hear if users think it would be better to split the font out into multiple fonts for different sub categories at this point. It’s getting a little big.

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Perhaps not most important, but if possible could you somehow modify the font so that the Missing Fonts dialog would not show up when opening a project that uses MusGlyphs?

It is probably my fault, but I always end up with this message :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!

That’s because you’ve set the Bold style on some text in MuseGlyphs. There’s no Bold weight of MuseGlyphs.

I responded to your FB post too, but “Standard Accidentals for Chord Symbols” would be great to have!

Sure this is already on your radar, but all baroque C clefs and French violin (G clef on bottom line) would be handy :slight_smile:

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Tuplets like 5, 7, 9, 11 etc. - would be absolutely great to have😊

Can you describe more about this please?

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Typing 3qqq I am getting a quarter 3-tuplet, but I am not able to get 5-tuplet typing 5qqqqq or 7 tuplet with 7qqqqqqq. It would be a nice addition. Typing sss3 I am getting a tuplet, but after I hit space, I am getting S, two sixteenth and 3…Typing hhh3 I do not get a tuplet etc…I was trying to get a result typing 3sss and sss3, 5sssss and sssss5 and so one with other lengts of notes, but I succced just by 3qqq. Some kind of intuitiv consistence would be very appreciated😊 Any way - such a great job you did😊 Thank you

I wish I had MusGlyphs 10 years ago when I prepared a lot of lessons. It is a marvelous thing. I don’t do much of that anymore, but I can see why people really like it.

Thanks Dan for the great work !

What I wish would be added are more time signatures (I know it’s a lot of work though).

As for splitting the font into multiple ones, as far as I am concerned I prefer having only one font to use (especially since I’m developing an iOS app that uses Musglyphs, so it’s not quite convenient -if at all doable- to have multiple fonts in a same label/button for instance).

Good luck and thanks again !