MusGlyphs: Bravura for writing in time signatures and other glyphs


Just no.


Thanks Dan. I know that a font cannot cover all possibilities, but I think there are some common rhythms in compound time signatures that could be useful to many like me.

This unit is quite frequent in the baroque (Händel and others) and very useful to indicate the rhythm of the Basque Zortziko and other dances of Spanish folklore.

I know they can be done in the score editor, but using MusGlyphs is faster when it comes to combining a lot of text with only some music notes.

Here a list of some simple rhythm units that maybe could be incorporated into MusicGlyphs. (6, 7, 8 and 9)

Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely consider adding those in the next update.


@AlvaroBuitrago I’ve added these to MusGlyphs, and they’ll be added to the next update, which should be available within the next day or so.


Very grateful, Dan.

On the off chance that this is the “unofficial feature request thread”, I could really use some larger “x/8” time signatures. 13/8 etc, and/or things like “6+7/8”.

The problem with additive time signatures is that these have to be each created as individual glyphs. So the number of combinations is pretty massive. I can add some larger n/8 time signatures.

It’s possible to do 6/8+7/8 as well.

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@dankreider congratulatins for the new version 2.1 of MusGlyphs! This update adds so much value that I donated again to support the development of the font!

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Hi folks, just a quick update to say there’s now a new variant of MusGlyphs. It’s called MusGlyphs Text and allows the user to type in all standard characters. There are also a ton of updates, including letter and number enclosures (both black-on-white and white-on-black).


Pardon my font ignorance–I must have made some installation error. The MusGlyphs and the MusGlyphsText fonts are separate in my font book and I still have to switch to use them.


That’s normal I guess.


Oggi mi è arrivata la mail che mi informava dell’ultima versione di MusGlyphs la 2.1. Hanno aggiunto parecchie novità fra cui MusGlyphsText.
Buona Musica.

Yes, they are completely separate fonts. Text and Text-Bold should be combined, allowing you to simply switch styles, but MusGlyphs Standard and MusGlyphs Text are totally different. Different key combinations and all.

OK, thanks. I was confused by Scoring Notes FB post saying,
“MusGlyphs 2.1, now with a text version that allows you to type ordinary text and musical symbols without needing to switch between two different fonts!”

Right, what that means is if you need music symbols and lots of text and don’t want to have to keep changing fonts, use MusGlyphs Text. But the “regular” MusGlyphs is still available for users who don’t need to do a lot of switching, or who are using their own different text font anyways.

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