MusGlyphs does not appear in font list (only MusGlypphs-Text)

I use a MacBook Pro (MacOS 12.5.1) and Dorico Version (Jul 12 2022). I have installed MusGlyphs and MusGlyphs-Text.
If I go to use MusGlyphs in system text (to be able to write ee=qee3 to show the swing rhythm), I cannot choose MusGlyphs, only MusGlyphs-Text shows in the font list.
I have checked my FontBook and MusGlyphs is a validated font.
I can create the desired symbol in a Word Doc, or in Pages or Notes - so I know it is working, but it is not in Dorico - it does not show up in Library > Font Styles > Font Family.
Please what do I need to do to get MusGlyphs to show up there and “work”