[Music] 5 am - Desert - REMIX 2

small acoustic sketch with recordings from the birds in my garden at 5 am

REMIXED with vocal text by Tom Hopkins (UK)
part from script- Kiss me like you mean it - by Chris Chibnall
top in the list

second in the list : 5 am the first mix without vocal

Very nice, good job on the part of the birds too! Thanks for posting it.

Not bad so far, Peter. Reminds me of some early 70s Pink Floyd acoustic numbers from maybe the Ummagumma/Meddle period. With that in mind, maybe some slide guitar or a vocal or both?


i like it…relaxing!

I like it too. In fact, I like all your songs. They have a nice common feel to them.

I would say that the reverb of the birds sounds different than the reverb of the instruments though.
I could be wrong, I will listen again at home (can’t right now, just going off of memory.) I listened twice yesterday.
If the clip came with the reverb and you want to look for a “dry” clip, check the freesound.org website.

thanx for listening !
I recorded the birds with my I phone with an app ( hindenburg) a wav file of 2 minutes a little eq and no reverb.
it is the ambience that is recorded i guess. :confused:

Nice! Well played, relaxing and laid back… though mornings are usually busy and bustling aren’t they?? :wink: Maybe not at 5am?? I can’t imagine being up at 5:00am so I wouldn’t know! :astonished:

I reckon you should fade the birds out once the tune is under way, and perhaps just bring them out at now and then at selective spots through out the tune. I guess the ambience on the birds is of course completely natural i.e. dry so maybe for a better blend with the instruments you’ll have to take your studio outside in your garden and record it all again in that same environment! :wink:

:laughing: 5 am is early …i agree, my studio is at the back of my garden so just leaving the door open should do… i think :unamused:

regarding the mix I agree with you…i am working on a cello line in the piece so let’s see…
thanx for the feedback

The ac.gtr is starting to sound more realistic here Peter. A good job.

Birds got a bit annoying…I found myself reaching for the buckshot. :blush: :astonished:
Yeah, maybe shoo them off once the tune gets underway.

Everything sounds rather lo-rez, tho. :confused: Maybe it’s just all the
extra background noise? :confused:

sorry not enough bullets!
thanks for the comments regarding the guitar, a guitarplayer would record it in a split second, this takes a lot of time tweaking the sound . But it is a learning curve as always.
I think the recorded wav from the birds is quite "dirty"i will shoot some birds and lets see what happens.


pm: i would have liked to join in on the mix collab but haven’t been around a lot recently.Nice happening that was!
coming to europe this year?

Remix with vocal on top of the list

regards Peter

Mix seems to have more impetus Peter, good work :sunglasses: Be great with the vocal. Hope you have a volunteer :sunglasses:


Oh gosh. What do I say. It’s expertly recorded and sounds excellent technically - as always - … but its sentimentality and general “yeuch-ness” is a million miles away from my sensibility. It sounds to me like a private confidence between two people that’s best left that way. Good grief! - “suck your toes”? “Rub your fat tummy”? No!

You’re better than this.

Sorry mate. :frowning:

sorry to disappoint you Dave, but the text is from an really good play and the line is used for a voice real for this actor.
I think it fits well to the tune still, but probably a matter of taste.
I am not used to writing my own text, that is a different world for me.

cheers Peter

Thanks Peter - I didn’t know that (of course - blimey what do I know about the theatre! :smiley: ).

Glad you didn’t take offence! :sunglasses: :wink:


Very nice, Peter.
Different, but nice! :sunglasses:

Who did the vocals? Sounds good.

Beautiful piano lines.
I like it! :slight_smile: