Music: 78 RPM w/Melodica added

This is a tune I recently found in my almost forgotten about bin. I did a quick mix but hope to put someone playing some Eric Gale like guitar and a Real drummer too. I still think even though it’s in a budgetary hold mode lol, it might still be good enough to share here for comments.

Nicely done! Laid back dreamy cruising with a little tension here and there. Mix is nice, instrumentation is cool and sounds like a little old school with a contemporary twist. :slight_smile:
Kinda busy now but if you hadn’t done anything with this in the near future, I’d love to lay down a guitar track.

Cool…Cool…Cool…as per usual, just love the laid back brilliance… :mrgreen: …Kevin

I really like this. I’d love to take a stab at putting a guitar part on it. Might be a bit more Jeff Beck style then Eric Gales though. Is this sped up or slowed down as it does not seem to be in 440 tuning.

It should be 440 tuning but I could put a 440 test tone on it. The song was called 78 RPM as a sad joke because when I wrote it my water heater died and leaked all over a collection of 78 vinyl that my father left to me after he died. It ruined them all and I sorta just started recording at 78bpm to think of him. It was a great collection too :frowning:

If you’d like to give a shot I would love to try and I know you would do something I could never think of and that is what music is all about! when I get it up to snuff I have the drummer of my dreams that will play on it. Will send you info private if I confirm it. Just say the word

Will I would really love to play with you on something. This one may be covered but if you would don’t forget that offer because I certainly won’t!!!

Cool. Sounds like a plan!

Very nice Kenny!
It could also do with a real horn… :sunglasses:

Very slick and tasteful. I almost feel like the song is trying to seduce me! I real drummer and a guitar would go great for sure.

Very pleasing to the ears for sure though!

What really struck me in this piece if how perfect the piano is, full of expression and color, and timing is perfect. Do you do a lot of editing to achieve this, or are you a natural perfect player? I always find when I do piano parts I need to do a of of MIDI editing to get the timing correct especially in a slower song. Your piano playing sounds natural, effortless and flowing. I admire that. Michael.

Hi Kenny, another great one, really enjoyed it. I always love your stuff. If you add tracks, don’t forget to post it for us!

sounds like Miles Davis so far , look forward to hearing how it ends up.

Agree! I just put a melodica on it and I am waiting to see how the guitar works in track. I love to cut live w/real people but this has been fun too

I love your choice of words and with your permission I would like to quote that if I release this as a received comment!!! Thanks so much!

Wow that statement is great for the heart! I do very little editing ever on my piano, Piano and Organ are my instruments and I grew up in a time when you didn’t have the opportunity to fix anything - straight to tape. If you wanted an edit in song you sliced the 2" and only the very best engineer did this well. So I still think like that. I do sometimes edit Synth parts and always edit bass parts if I use Trillian or Vienna Instruments Upright.
Michael your statement about editing in slower song is very true as playing slower is so much more difficult than playing fast. I learned from a drummer that lives in Atlanta and would play whole note then 1/2 etc at 40 50bpm for hours when we were on road. What a groove he has just by playing everything as slowly as possible, never forgot how difficult that is to do.
BTW the piano sound I have worked on for a long time and I am finally (temporarily) happy w/it :sunglasses:

Hey Kenny, I remember those days of splicing 2" tape also. :slight_smile: The double Studer drives, outboard gear etc.

The Slowwww beat is harder to achieve only if you’re not in the groove. More time elapses between beats and not everyone has the musical patience to actually wait for that next beat to naturally fall. The counters feel that more than the groovers. Groove on my friend! :slight_smile:

Yeah cool, nice laidback tune. Your piano sound is very good , perfect ambient reverb. What do you use?
Work in progress so maybe a mix with the drums a little more upfront mixed? just for a try?
It has a live acoustic sound the way it is now, but i am curious what it would sound like with a close mix , could be the electronic part shines a bit more, really liked that. :smiley:
Good playing anyway, thanx for sharin , enjoyed it,


I use Vienna Imperial Grand into Vienna Mir. The drums are Stylus but I will replace them hopefully soon. I gravitate toward the live on stage feel and sound, but I know what you mean and may try that when I do a final mix. I did raise the 4-6k a little so the hats should stand out a little more. One thing I don’t like about Stylus is you are sorta stuck with their samples on 2 track but it is a great tool to write with.

I just bought a Melodica and played it on here for fun I’m not sure if it will stay in track or not, was fun playing it though :slight_smile:
Thanks for the comments!

love the melodica. Keep and use it! :smiley: