[Music] All I Wanna Do

The genesis for this piece goes back to when I was trying to figure out what my daughter was going to sing for our annual Christmas song. She had expressed an interest in getting her twin cousins involved again and, having heard them do a 3 part harmony last year that they recorded on YouTube (can’t find the link), I was going for something Andrews Sisters-ish. Then it slowly morphed into something slower and finally more jazz-y.

After the music was done, I was inspired to think of tragic love stories. One theme in particular kept coming to mind: the one where the forlorn woman looks at the man that she interacts with on a friendship basis, longing to tell him how much she is actually in love with him.

Kenny Zarider played fantastic e-piano track on a suitcase Rhodes that he picked up just as I finished the guitar and bass tracks.
Wim Koopman provided yet another great sax solo.
And the daughter in law of our own Mark Petruzzi sang the vocals. I’m ecstatic to be working with Leslie, because her own recorded work is very, very good.

All I wanna do is be with you
Stand by your side that’s what I’m gonna do
But if you never see
Exactly what you mean to me
How you’ll never know
That I am so alone

All I wanna do is lie with you
All throughout the night make your dreams come true
But if you never hear
The words I whisper in your ear
Those words will rush away
Oh baby make them stay

All I wanna do is marry you
Stand by your side no matter where the ride takes us to
But if you never say
The words I long to hear each day
You’ll make my heart so blue
I don’t know what to do
Cause that’s all I wanna do

Guitar: Ibanez 1981 Artist > EnVoice MindPrint II > Guitar Rig Pro 5 > Cubase
Bass: Cort 5 string fretless > EnVoice MindPrint II > Guitar Rig Pro 5 > Cubase
Drums: Jamstix 3 > Battery 4 > Cubase

Other than stock plugs, I did use Melodyne for several tracks, especially to correct pitch issues on the bass track since I’m not yet as accurate as I want to be on a fretless; SoundToys Little Microshift; and Native Instruments Supercharger.

I’m pleased as punch with this song.

Doug (TwighlightSong) pointed out that the stirfry is too monotonous, and I trust his opinion. The Full Jazz Kit in Battery normally has more of a pulsing nature to it, so I don’t know why this isn’t evident.

All I Wanna Do

Wow…this is fab…sexy singing, great vibe, sax sounds mega, seems to be a very successful collab,
not sure about the hissing thing, s’pose it’s brushes on a snare…(stirfry that doug mentions) that bit didn’t work for me but, hey…what do I know.


Thanks for listening!

Sounds good overall, I really like the jazz-y feel but I also thought the hissing sound was irritating. I mean, not that much to say here other than every performance is good and combined result in a pleasant listening experience. I wouldn’t have noticed if the bass had pitch correct on if you hadn’t said, it just sounds good to me both in the note choices and performance.

Nice one, great singing. The bass would be so much better if it was a real double bass. The sax is so excellent and so fitting, so is the piano! Agree about the brushes.

Thanks for listening!

I agree about having a live upright. I could have asked Tom Zartler to play on it, but I’m not going to lie: I love playing my fretless bass in spite of the fact that I’m not as accurate on it as I would like to and should be. In spite of this, I do think the bass line sounds good from both a composition and engineering standpoint, all things considered.

I did listen again to the track specifically for the stir fry and realized that a) they are not a constant volume but b) the variance is not tempo synced. This doesn’t surprise me since Battery is a sampler-based drum machine. And although you are all correct about the way things should be I’m going to have to simply be happy with this since I don’t have the ability (read: a good set of drum mics) to record a jazz kit.