[music] Altered State 2011

Hi there people

I’ve been doing music since I was 14 years old and I just recently turned 40.
I honestly think this song is one of my 5 finest.
What do you good people think?
Get it here the song is called “altered state”:

Drums: superior drummer 2 allaire kit.
Bass: Trilogy
Synths: hypersonic and morphology
Guitars:My new Fender USA + into kuassa, amplitube, peavey revalver, guitar rig 4 software
Vocals: My good friend Håkon into my ADK hamburg mic. Software eq and comp was sonalksis eq and compressor.
No melodyne on any vocal here. I just took the best takes and used that.

Please lend my an ear or two :slight_smile:
All the best, Kim

Great energy, love the vocals. 10/10 :stuck_out_tongue:

Has a very polished sound, as your recordings always do. Nice writing, and great performances. Your new guitar sounds just right. I wish I could figure out how to get Superior 2.0 to sound as good as you do.

Great work as always, Kim :sunglasses:

Oh hell…now I am going to have to listen. :laughing:

Damn! What a tour-de-force! Brilliantly conceived and performed. Great energy, Kim. A bit brite for me, but like I’ve said before, it’s right there with modern commercial recordings

I DL’d the 320 mp3 sounds much better than the stream. The 320 mp3 sounds more sonically balanced, too

Perhaps my all-time favorite Onkel tune!

Sounds great. I think you are ready to give Graham Bonnet a call. :smiley:

Thank you one 100 times Doug.
This is me… here… now…

“tried to please you… make you happy”

Kim :slight_smile:

Graham Bonnet…
One of my all time fav vocalists since I was 9 years old and felt KISS was not cool enough.
There is probably no one that can belt his lungs out to that extreme and still sing as clean as he does.
He is unique :slight_smile:

All the best Kim :slight_smile:

There might be people out there not knowing where I came from

I came from Deep Purple and the like.

I used Ritchie Blackmore as my virtual teacher for 10 years or so.


Awesome! I had a feeling (from your song) that you would know who he is. It even makes more sense that you are a fan. I am a huge fan of him too and your song took me back.
BTW, I downloaded your song too. It really does sound professional.

Hi Kim,

Great stuff, it sounds very good. Nice changes.

I loooove the guitars! Great sounds. :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing,

Hi Kim,

This is Epic!
Bucket loads of Oomph! :smiley:

If I can create tones like that in GR3, I’ll be a happy chappy! :wink:


Your guitar arrangements are absolutely superb, and your drum programming is so realistic. Lovely guitar playing. For some reason parts of this reminded me of Jethro Tull (which is a positive in my book). Great stuff.


Yup! Exactly!

Good song to start with wich makes it easier to get into warp speed …
Which you did!
Yet another great Kim production!!! :sunglasses:
I’m not sure what to add …
Maybe the lead instruments in the instrumental section were a little harsh in my ears.
Check if you agree. Maybe it’s just me.
There was no kazoo?
I loved it anyway! :sunglasses:

This needs bumped!

I agree. I played this for a friend/co-worker/fellow musician last week. He was impressed. Should have bumped it then. Great song!