[Music] Always - next version...

Hello !

Tried to mix this one again with few changes…

Acoustic guitars are now recorded with a mic not D.I. with pietzo…Sherz - any better ? There’s some handling rumble thou’ :slight_smile:

This time mixing was done OTB. Kick and bass were given more boost at lower end during mixing and I used some multiband compressor for final stereo file to beef up freqs below 150 Hz a tad. Lenny - can you feel bass any better ?

I find it quite difficult to get kick any louder or “bigger” in the mix with the sound I’m using.

Again comments are welcome.


Stream here :


Acoustic guitars are now recorded with a mic not D.I. with pietzo…Sherz - any better ?


AND, I reckon you need to thin and lower the voice during this intro… it masks the acoustic guitars too much I think. Dunno, but I suspect the vocal FX has given it a megaphone-like sound that seems to have an overly dominant peak in it’s frequency spectrum - ‘honks’ a bit too much. Also, during the bulk of the song I wouldn’t mind the vocal coming up a notch or two… I’m struggling to hear much of the lyrics - it’s certainly completely buried right at the start (0:38).

Otherwise… Rockin! :sunglasses:

Yes. The bass is nice and full now.

Yeah, and this is what’s still missing. I can feel the bass but I have to listen very closely to
hear what the kick is doing. It should be reinforcing the bass more. Try boosting the kick with hp filter
at around 400 hz - then try soloing the bass and kick while the song’s playing, and see how their relative levels are.
Is the kick distinct and adding punch to the bass?
Or like you said - you could always try a different kick sound?


Well, Sherz and Lenny pegged it. Great guitar work and your vocals leap on this one.
I suspect that there is something in this mix that you have fallen in love with, metaphorically speaking, and if you brought it down a little, the kick and just about everything else would stand out better.

Cool tune. All the kick needs is a little click added to the present. This is a classic case for that clicking metal kick. Otherwise, a sample that cut just a tad better through the mix would do wonders.

Very 80’s! Threw me back to being a kid again. Loved it!! more please! :smiley:


Not sure if I detected a hit of The Scorpions there or not.? :sunglasses: Good tune and I love the vocal performance. Possibly the bass, the HUGE rhythm guitars and power chords are taking the sonic space of the vocals and the lead guitar parts. Maybe try ducking or automating those guitars and a bit less warmth in the bass to let the kick through?

As to the intro, I would take some lows from the acoustic guitars or just make them a touch brighter.

Excellent all ready. :sunglasses: