[MUSIC] Aminuminum

This is a departure from what I do normally, which is much more traditional and vocal-centric.

Instead, this is my attempt at a vocal, glitch electronic piece. It’s also my first piece made entirely with Cubase 7 (I usually use Cubase 6.5).

Vocal sounds are by me, cut up, pitched, stretched and mangled in a tangle of hundreds of micro-edits.
Most (but not all) synth sounds are custom patches in Omnisphere
Drums are from Maschine.


Interesting. How did you do the mangling? Does Machine help here, or is it really a matter of slicing and pasting everything manually?

I like it, the intro is a bit dry but the rest of the song sounds fine :slight_smile:

Everything was done manually. The vocal stuff was cut up and individually manipulated in the project window, and then I took one of my synth sounds starting at 0:53, bounced it to audio, and did the same thing with it.

Similarly, the glitchy synth lead starting at 1:57 was a combination of three different sounds, including one with a short portamento to give it that “squeaky” sound, which I manually programmed each MIDI note for in a sort of similar way.

I find that the more automated plugins you try to use, the less interesting the music. So… it took a while, and it was a difficult endeavor, but I learned a lot from the experience. Electronic music definitely isn’t my strong suit.

Agree about the intro. With the amount of time I’d spent on this song, I thought I just better call it done and move on to something else, so the intro was the unfortunate victim of that decision.

Really great. Very musical. I’m inspired, (and I’m not an electronic musician)

Brilliant…agree with strophoid regarding the intro and it seems a pity that such a good idea wasn’t developed a bit more, but hey, great stuff…Kevin

well done, nice crisp mix, good edit. You put a lot of effort in and that’s audible. Enjoyed it. :smiley:

Thanks to everyone for listening and the comments!

I enjoyed this. I liked the simpleness of the synth parts but they were still interesting to me. Well done!

Very cool! :sunglasses:

For not being your area you’re off to a good start. Some really cool ideas here, particularly with the vocal stuff. I already expected to hear something interesting with vocals when I read the description. You should definitely continue building and developing it, really cool ideas.

Thanks again to all for listening and commenting!

Scott S.

I liked it. But it was only 3 chords, right? Maybe you could develop it a little.

yes … listened to the end! for me a good sign, will go back to it. intro was plain but built up into a great track. mainly cross over from normal bang bang edm to natural creativeness IMO.