Music and Mammon

Its the “No person can serve two masters, god and mammon” parable.

I don’t agree entirely. Inspiration from the real world is of entirely differnt character than sitting around a computer or guitar all day. Getting ones hands a little dirty can make good music. To remove humanity and family from music, or any endeavor, is a sterilizing mistake. Music is not contained strictly within characteristics of time, space and sounds, least of all money. Music needs to be alive. Music needs to breathe the same atmosphere that all living things breathe.

Music has had a commercial aspect for centuries, even when it was religious in nature and intended purely for worship. Because of this, the artist almost always – even if he’s in the highest echelon – has to shape his art, to some degree, to meet the demands and expectations of his paymaster.

Except for us hobbyists, who can do whatever the f_u_ck we want :sunglasses:

I saw what you did there. :mrgreen:

And I prefer to make bank first and then make music. It makes the music making a lot less stressful plus, as Paul said, you can draw inspiration from everyday life.

Up until recently ALL artists instruments be they paper and paint or musical instruments and parchment and the learning thereof was very EXPENSIVE and only afforded by the very talented, unfortunately, just to be rich is not enough but not exclusive.
Now every plinky plonk plonker thinks it is their RIGHT to have music on tap and disrespect figures like Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong and their musical followers, from all branches of music, by assuming that music is easy and that they were somehow struggling and uneducated and clawed their way to the top when they had all had very complex and informed musical educations.
They think all anyone needs is Cubase when they just need an education.
It is always the kids at school who are too lazy to learn who shout loudest and try to tell all their “friends” the “facts” that their teachers are brainwashing them. They’ve seen the Matrix so they “know” it all.

“We don’t need no…education.”

I’m gonna try that f_u_ck trick…it worked :stuck_out_tongue: