[Music and video] Briody : Geronimo

Hi all. Another song and video I’ve produced for Briody. Cubase 6.05 with softsynths including Kontakt, Zt3ta, Imposcar etc. Plugins from UAD, Nomad Factory, Wizoo and Izotope.
Video edited on Sony Vegas Pro 11. 3d models made by me and rendered in Carrara 6. A bit of retro-style electronic fun!


loved the song, great song actually, very cool vibe.
but alas, didn’t think the video matched creatively with the song, seemed more towards something electronica.

hi bob. thanks for watching and listening. ed

Really nice song, well made!

cool! thanks for your time.ed


Sounds good. I like the video. :sunglasses:


I love this song

The song is really good… not sure why actually but it certainly captivated me! Sounds well recorded and mixed. :slight_smile:
Nice job.

I didn’t really get the video either to be honest. I like the rather static posterized singer but all that strange stuff floating around in the background… I didn’t understand what that was all about. :confused:
Mind you, most videos I see these days I don’t get - so… :smiley:

either the video is (a) a deep metaphor for human existence or
(b) lots of robots.
i know which one my money is on!

Excellent song… excellent production

Well done!

thanks lads; will pass on to Briody. ed :slight_smile: