[Music] Brain Creepers

Brain Creepers, the last track of Spicy Spaces album is ready for your ears : https://soundcloud.com/user-756452695/12-brain-creepers

I will very soon delete few tracks from Drowned Stories to recover some storage. You can always listen to them from Bandcamp.
just ping me.

Enjoy and take care.

Good work, nice composition skills! The hats are sounding way too ‘crispy’ to me, maybe its just me.

Thx for your advice man, will take care of it in my remix before uploading to Bandcamp.
Take care

Hey Stephco, I just got around to downloading the album. Great album of music. Sorry to be so late responding. It’s been somewhat quiet here, so I forget to check in.

Thank you so much, Leon. You are the first and only one.
Take care, and enjoy.