[Music] Christmastime - Final

Edit: corrected several issues, the least of which not being the fact that I neglected to solo the drums when rendering the cymbals to a separate track. That wreaked havoc on my levels, obviously. This, plus several other problems, were corrected.

Christmastime (2010)

A monstrous amount of thanks go to Peter and Wim for playing the organ and sax tracks on this!!!

Be sure to download the track fully first. Otherwise, QuickTime will barf on trying to play it in your browser.

Christmastime is here again
Having lots of fun with friends
Eating and raising your glasses with cheer

Family and presents too
You give to me, I give to you
(This) is the best time of the year

Santa and some mistletoe
We’re trimming the tree
This makes me happy
That we’re family

Eating ham and homemade pies
And opening the gifts
Each time at Christmas
I have just one wish

That Christmastime will never end
Loving one another and
Sharing that love with you too



Christmastime will leave again
We will look to next year when
We can spend this time with you

Hi Larry,

I want to listen but the link does not open.

+1 :frowning:

I always forget to put this. QuickTime does not like MP3s that Cubase makes. Download the file completely first.

Hi Larry

Charming. :slight_smile:

The main thing I hear that would improve the tune is in the vocals. Sometimes the timing between the two of you is a bit too far out. I don’t think it needs to be perfect though. That’s part of the charm.

Very odd that. :confused:


I mean …


Yuo ba …

totally melted me.
Not just her. You too, dammit. That was so Sweet and Nice … dammit.

Thank feck I’ve got Edgar vs Maynard on UFC 125 waiting for me when I get back from … argh … CHOIR this evening. More sweet and nice. No escape. OK, then there’ll be TWO beers with my pizza. Yeah. That will restore the balance of the universe. Good. I’ve got that sorted.

Peter and Wim, too … you can just tell that they’ve got a Lot More horsepower under the bonnet, but that they are working with The Song. Power under control.

Yes you were multitracking, but people from all corners of the far reaches of the face of the globe were focussing on one point of creative intent. Chemistry. Dang synergy, and I just have to put up with it. Your Instrumental Christmas Carol Rock gave me some leeway to grab my crotch and scowl at the crowd. But this was [through gritted teeth] Sweet, Nice and Beautiful.

Good Job.
Very good job, Larry, Wim, Peter and … Child [what’s her name? :slight_smile:]


And she’s thankful for all of the people, on Facebook, and who I contacted via email who not only were kind enough to listen but also responded with such heartfelt compliments. She really looks forward to this time of the year for the recording (among other reasons), so knowing that her joy is shared makes her feel good.

I dropped by James and Janet’s house when I dropped Sara off last week. Her twin cousins, Terrie and Megan, commented that they miss being a part of the Christmas song as they had been in years past. They live further away than Sara does so that makes things difficult to put it nicely. But this year I may buy a 2U road case to pack my pre-amp and headphone amp in it so that I can bring it, my laptop, Neumann, and other implements to record a song with the three of them.

All three kids are very good pianists so maybe I’ll ask them to play a selection of classical pieces. :smiley: They all started at age 5, but the twins are 18 months older than Sara (now age 12) and their Chinese so you know they’re good at it. :laughing:

Then again, Lauren (wife) has expressed an interest in joining us next year. In the beginning she thought it was silly (but she’s an extremely talented and creative make-up artist so she was just being stupid), but now she’s starting to remember how much fun she had when she was taking vocal lessons as a teenager. Watch out next year!

Her father owns a School of Rock in Long Valley, NJ (YouTube videos here) and a lot of the kids there are extremely talented so maybe I can coerce some of them to participate…

…ah, so much talent and so little time. :smiley:

Thanks Glyn, that’s a big compliment. :slight_smile:

I always try to let the song dictate what I should play, instead of using it as a showcase for my (humble) abilities.

I enjoyed playing on this song and I really like the end result!
Good job, Larry! :slight_smile:


a little late but all I can say is, this is a beautiful thing!
all the best in 2011

My Quicktime thingy must be broken, which would not surprise me. I still can’t get it. :frowning:

The Christmastime (2010) link was playing up for me too, but if you go to the bottom of Larry’s post and click on the ‘stop by and visit’ link, that will get you there :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed listening to that (and the other songs too)


First, the abilities of you and Peter (and everyone else too, but these two played on the song so don’t read too much into this) are far from humble. If anything is humble, it is I for having two very talented musicians playing on a project that is so personal to me.

The end result far exceeded my expectations when I started this year’s song. I didn’t expect to snag two great musicians, for sure, but I also didn’t expect the words to come together so well either.

Thank you!

Thank you!