Music compressed in one page in page view

Hi, I have around 100 bars of music and in galley view it shows ok however in page view it shows all the music compressed in one page and is unreadable. I cannot find the option to change the horizontal spacing so the music is displayed with bars in adequate size per page. Appreciate the help!

Welcome to the forum @Carlos_Ramirez!

It sounds like you’ve got a system or frame break at the start of your flow that’s set to “Wait for next break”.

Try showing signposts, make sure system/frame breaks are ticked, and look for a pink/purple signpost at the beginning of the cramped page. Select it, and press Delete (or go to the lower zone, make sure Properties is selected, and deactivate the “Wait for next…” property).

This can happen if you’ve previously “made into system/frame”, then deleted the break at the end of that system/frame. (see the note at the end of this page, for example)

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Thanks Lillie,
It worked perfect! Thanks so much for your quick response help! I spent a long time looking at this and you saved me! Have a wonderful day. Cheers from Australia.


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