[Music] Crick Holler Stomp

Change of pace, for me. Put your clod-hoppers on and stomp the ground.

Crick Holler Stomp


Pretty tight. Moves like a train. Used to listen to this style years ago - Hot tuna without the valium comes to mind.
Extraordinary musicianship!!

What instruments are you playing here? I listened twice. This is a fun idea. You should take out the drum maschine kiks that go with the guitar lead in’s and either have no drums or just a basic country kik/ snare playing throughout. The drum samples in Halion One would be better than the kik and rim you have now.

Thanks guys. Yeah, the drums will change before final mix.



Sat. night beer bump. :mrgreen:

Yeeeee Haaaaaaa!

Happy Festivus!

So … ever going to record anything new?

Or is that mitten too mashed?

BTW … I still like punching people! :mrgreen: