[Music] Diatonic Trip

Hello everybody

It has been a long , long time.
While I’m recuperating from minor surgery I thought to upload this little piece I did a couple of months ago. It’s a moody acoustic piece with a a piano on the second half but it should be replaced by something done by a real keyboard player such as Peter (desert) . A bass part would be nice too. Hint , hint.

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Hi Bandersnatch. First of all I hope you’re recovering in comfort. Now the music :smiley:

I really enjoyed the overall mood/tone of the piece.

There are few minor trip-ups like at 0:18 but overall I thought it was played very nicely and appropriately. The guitar itself sounds very nice (I really like nylon strings,) and recorded well too. However, I felt it was too panned just a bit too far left (listening on headphones here) and the right ear felt too empty for most of the piece, even with the 2nd lead guitar, they just felt too wide apart. I felt the panning overall for a more intimate piece like this was too widely spread left and right.

I thought the piano could have had a little more consistency with the phrasing, especially developing a bit more of a concise melodic hook (it was a bit too improvised to me.) The actual sound of it sounded pretty nice though.

Part of the chord progression is reminiscent of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSAJ0l4OBHM which isn’t a bad thing though.

A piece like this definitely doesn’t need too many parts cluttering it up and sounds good as you have it but I think it’d have more of that moody atmosphere/tone you seek if you experimented a bit with the reverbs and perhaps a bigger/wetter reverb. Would be interesting to hear it like that at least :smiley:

Good job so far, looking forward to hearing it with the keyboard and bass. The percussion sounds a bit bare, but I think maybe once you get the bass and keyboard it’ll compliment it.


I think you hit all the right points to be worked on. I agree about the panning but I want the guitar to be separated from the piano in the second half so I will have to think about it. I almost never finish my musical projects for one reason or another (a lot of the times it’s because it’s just meant to be a draft to be re recorded later. Then time passes and I can’t remember many of the chords I played in the song so I’m left with fixing a recorded song that really needs is to be rerecorded). I’m embarrassed to say it but a couple a songs I asked friends to do tracks on them I never sent them the files because I haven’t got around rerecording the pieces because of the reason mentioned above. Regarding chord progressions. A friend of mine once commented that all my songs uses the same chord progressions in my songs. Initially I was upset but then I noticed that many artists do tend to gravitate to familiar chord sequences. I think that tendency is an expression of ones personality. Anyways, your comments were spot on.

Thanks for listening


Really enjoying this with my morning coffee. I agree about panning, maybe if you at start have the guitar closer to center or use a device like SPL Vitalizer to move the sound to edges. I also think the Chord gtr might be a little loud over solo note gtr, If you turned it down you maybe able to pan a little closer to center. Also piano sound is wonderful . like the way I hear piano and gtr in stage placement gives feel like I am sitting in hall at center listening Just if you are going for a live on stage sound remember where the piano is on stage, not right but left. So you may consider switching main acc gtr and piano panning. What a great track I am really just nit picking because I like so much!

Really evocative piece to my ears with a few nice surprises along the way, enjoyed it…hope you get the bass part, Kevin


Great tips. Don’t know when i will sit in front of the DAW again since I am back working. I was thinking I could use the automation feature to have the gtr closer to center and then move it back to the side when the piano starts. Thanks for you kind words


Thanks for listening