Music disappears from score (page view) after instrument change

A little bug report: in a score I’ve been working on in Dorico 2.1, I added a Cor Anglais to an oboe soloist. After switching to Galley View in the full score, I selected several bars, cut them from the Oboe staff, and pasted them into the CA staff. I then switched back to Page View (still in the full score) to find that the switch to CA was present, but after those several bars, no switch back to Oboe was printed, and whole rests appeared for the remainder of that player’s music!

The part (in its own Page View) appeared correctly, with the switch back to Oboe and the remaining music. Once I closed the file and re-opened it, the score fixed itself and the bug was gone.

I’m unable to reproduce this problem. Can you reproduce it in a new project?