[Music] Drowned Stories Album

For Music Lovers and Sound travelers, but also for everyone else…
Drowned Stories Album is now available on Bandcamp : https://stephco.bandcamp.com/releases

Hi Stephco, I’m listening right now. It’s a lot of music, and I guess you worked on it for a long time. There is a lot of subtlety in this; it’s going to take more than one listen! But it has a great sound and seems very sophisticated to me. So congratulations on your album release! Parts of it (so far) remind me of Zappa’s “Jazz from Hell”. Is this one of your influences?

Hey Early21,
First of all thanks for your time and listening. I’m really touched by the subtlety word. I’m also part of those who think that it has to be rich, so yes, it’s probably a little bit sophisticated. My son and my wife are saying that i’m doing music for musicians, more than for someone who simply wants to dance or relax. I’m assuming this statement is partially true, but at the same time probably false cause just like paintings, music means simply emotion. I would add emotion without any desire in opposition to love…
Regarding Zappa, probably yes, and many others as well. I’m not a young guy, thus I was able to enjoy a lot great artists & bands, Weather Report, Crimson, Eno, so many, jazz with Coltrane & Miles, Monk too… i’m still listening to the new music , the actuals trends & still curious.
I left France around 20 years ago, and travelled a lot in Europe & Middle East, living in Africa, opening my ears to almost anything you may find in a given country… I’m now resident in Morocco, in Casablanca.
I was very busy, in the previous years, but I stopped working last November, and I now have time to create music, as well as give back time I stole to my wife all these working years :slight_smile:

Drowned Stories represents around 6 months of work.

Oopps…. too much words, sorry… let’s go back to our passion :slight_smile:

Interesting, the more I listen, the more I am hearing Weather Report. Very nice to hear stuff like this here!

Thanks again, and enjoy!

Great stuff. I went ahead and poked around the whole album. The rhythms and textures were always engaging. The jazzy melodies and motifs evolve and keep the interest. No doubt you put substantial effort into every tune. Sirens on Leave is good to start off with. It begins with a House vibe but quickly turns full blown jazz. Definitely enjoyed the whole listen.

Hello Rotku. Happy you kept interest and you were able to explore. Many Thanks for your cheering, that’s motivating!

I thought that this guy probably has a musical background that supports that.
It’s an intelligent music, well structured and written for people who can enjoy this musical research. But like all music, she has her own emotions.

Bravo! It’s really excellent and I really like what you do.

P.S. Do you speak french?

Thx Riebla,
Intelligent Music is nice to my eyes and ears :slight_smile:
Yes, I have musical background, I learned piano when I was young…
And Yes again, I speak French - In fact, I’m French, even if I live abroad for many years.

Enchanté Stephco,

J’aime beaucoup la musique que vous faites

Au plaisir!

Encore merci et A bientôt!

Finally got a chance to listen to many of the songs from Drowned Stories. I like what I hear. I can definitely hear a Joe Zawinul influence. I know you mentioned Weather Report in your kind comment on one of my songs. Did you ever listen to his first post-Weather Report album, Dialects? I hear a link between your work to the kind of thing that Joe pursued on that album.
Do you like Sixun? If you’re in Toulouse, I know that Louis Winsberg is from the South too. Just curious if you know him or are into any of their material. In any case, you’re making wonderful and interesting music. Bon chance, et merci pour votre musique.

Hi Swetch
Well , no I didn’t know “Dialects” , the only one I knew of the post WR was “My people”. Now you pointed this record, I will find it and have a close listen. True that Zawinul is an immense musician, he was also able to change his mind over time which is also important. Even if I know Sixum, i appreciate the music, by the way, but I don’t know Winsberg in person.
Thank again for your time listening and encouragement.
Merci et à bientôt